York c202 exercise bike

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Description: York C202 Cycle is probably our very favorite all round fitness bike. We have in depth best exercise bike reviews on this website. Come check it out.

If you want to save yourself from fighting traffic to go to the gym, then you will enjoy using the York C202 cycle for getting into shape. The York exercise bike is made to provide the user with a low-impact cardio workout – much better for your muscles and joints.

This York exercise bike provides you with 22 workout programs along with a large readout that helps you note your progress. The cycle also comes with a body fat analyzer which helps you track your exercising level.

The seat can be adjusted to meet height requirements as well. Moreover, you can create your personalized training program and save it in the device. These features make this machine a real all round performer.

The York bike is a strong, solid and high quality exercise bike designed with some state of the art technology features that make it give users maximum training experience. The unit is designed with utmost versatility any user would be in look out for. The machine is a real value for your money.

York has been well-recognized in the fitness field for almost 75 years, manufacturing weight-lifting and exercise products that are well-made and long-lasting.

The York C202 exercise bike is a more enhanced and upgraded version of the previous model marketed as the York C101 cycle. The latest model is integrated with 16 levels of magnetic resistance which is double of what the old model has.

It also comes with 22 preset workout programs that allow the user to be versatile and flexible with one’s exercise routines. Additional features of the machine include hand pulse monitors, a BMI monitor, adjustable seat and a colored display.

The exercise bike can also support users who weigh up to 125 kg. Cycling becomes easy and more pleasurable because of the well designed York C202 Cycle. Its crank is made of encased bearings that allow the pedal to run smoothly.

The York exercise bike is suitable for users who want to perform an effective cardiovascular exercise. With the machine’s body fat analyzer you can track your progress and fitness level. All in all, the indoor cycle is packed with amazing features suitable for any type of exercisers.

  • 22 preset workout programs and 4 HRC
  • 16 different magnetic levels of resistance
  • Hand pulse monitors
  • A BMI monitor
  • A customizable seat
  • Coloured display
  • Supports up to 125 kg user
  • Its to total weight is 30.1 kg
  • York C202 Cycle dimensions : 103 x 55 x 139 m.

Basically, most of the people who have spent money on the York C202 cycle have been very pleased with their purchase, but nothing is 100% perfect.  There are still some people who have been unsatisfied with their purchase.  Read on to find out the pros and cons for this popular York exercise bike.

  • The York C202 Cycle is quiet, so it is an ideal cycle for the living room if you enjoy watching TV while working out.
  • Great size for taller people.
  • 3 Colour display, BMI and Bodyfat calculations give this cycle a well-rounded, great value for your money label.
  • Although it is a great size for taller people, it isn’t for someone who has the maximum leg length of 102cm and minimum of 80 cm.
  • There are people who get a lemon, so it is best if you read up on the return policy and warranty just in case you do end up being unsatisfied or you get a defective one.

Others may have complaints about the delivery, but whatever they say does not matter much. Mine was delivered on the third day after ordering it.

People who are giving this York bike a single star are really doing it a great disfavour since it is not the fault of the bike to fail being delivered. It is the fault of the suppliers. Anyway, I have found the bike easy to use.

The set up procedure was simple. Even young children are helping in assembling it. Usability of the unit is simple and convenient. I have not been using my unit often recently but the test I put it after it was delivered was adequate to prove to me that I had an efficient machine.

The only problem I encountered with the machine was breaking of one of the plastic pedal. This is no big problem though; I would effortlessly award the unit 5 stars.

The York C202 cycle was delivered within the promised time. All the parts were included. Assembling of the unit was simple; hence, I was capable of putting it up together fast. All the small units were packed in a small package that also had a piece with all the labels. The booklet with labeled numbers also contributed to hassle free assembling of the different parts of the machine.

The design and style of the York exercise bike are indisputably attractive. The seat heat, handlebars and seat tilt can all be easily tailored to suit the requirements of the user.  You can check out more customer reviews about this York C202 Cycle on Amazon here .

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