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Description: Movies » Just My Luck Rated: M, English, Romance & Drama, Tom F. Danny J. Words: 35k+, Favs: 8, Follows: 9, Published: 4/14/2013 Updated: 5/23/2014> 31 Chapter 11: Stained Disclaimer: Do I

Movies » Just My Luck Rated: M, English, Romance & Drama, Tom F. Danny J. Words: 35k+, Favs: 8, Follows: 9, Published: 4/14/2013 Updated: 5/23/2014> 31 Chapter 11: Stained

Disclaimer: Do I have to write this every time? It depresses me every time I have to say 'I don't own McFly or anything else' because I really want to.

A/N: I've been listening to a lot of Tori Kelly lately (especially the songs from her 'Handmade Songs' album; brilliant and uber chill by the way) so I ended up using her song Stained. Kind of, I think. Not exactly, of course. Anyways, enough of me! Enjoy!

The five minutes after Danny had left his apartment, James started freaking out. He was perfectly composed and prepared for Tom's most-likely-tearful arrival, and now, he was a mess himself. He promised himself he wouldn't tell Tom, but this was the perfect chance to help bring the two together. It frustrated him that this stupid promise was in the way.

Suddenly, he heard Tom's voice through the door. "James, it's me!" James sucked in a quick deep breath and opened the door, giving Tom a big and fake grin to which Tom ignored as he stepped into the apartment with a determined look on his face. "I had a revelation today."

"Good for you," Tom smirked, not bothering to ask James what it was. James' shoulders loosened in relief.

"So, what is it that's got you in such a non-bitchy mood?" James smirked back, heading towards the kitchen to make themselves margaritas.

James held up a hand, his expression showing he was ready to critique Tom, and Tom scowled at that. "What?"

"Don't jinx me by giving me an attitude, mister," James warned, "I just want to know why you thought talking to a stranger, good looking or not, was a good idea."

"Why does everyone think that I will willingly talk to a stranger based on looks? I'm not that sexually frustrated," Tom huffed, crossing his arms as he plopped down in one of the kitchen table chairs.

James turned his head around and raised an eyebrow. "I never said you were sexually frustrated, mate."

Tom rolled his eyes and huffed again. "Whatever." James chuckled and stuck in two straws in the margaritas. He sat in the chair across Tom and slid the margarita to Tom. "Order up."

Tom furrowed his eyebrows. "James, it's barely past noon. What's with you and your obsession over fancy drinks mixed with alcohol?"

"That reminds me, I showed a picture of him to Dougie and you wouldn't believe the amount of drool that dripped down his chin," Tom snickered, causing James to fake-gag.

"Ew, don't tell me anymore. Matt is straight. At least, that's my assumption. But I'm sure he's straight," James said with a sure nod.

"Too bad, Dougie really wanted to meet him," Tom giggled. He imagined how it would go, Dougie probably rambling about how Tom Delonge is such a babe and would say 'wow, you kinda look like him!'. That's how he got Rolando* .

"Well, now that I know about Dougie's mad need to meet my roommate, I'm going to make sure Matt never sees the outside world ever again," James says with an amused smile, taking a sip from his margarita. "So, what's this revelation of yours?"

Tom's expression brightened to his previous determined demeanor. "Oh yeah, so I was talking to this homeless man on the way here-"

"Which is something you should never do again," James pointed out with a teasing smile. Tom responded with a quick glare, and he continued. "And I ended up talking to him all about my situation with Danny. I told him everything."

James raised an eyebrow, breathing in slowly. "Tom," he smoothed his eyebrows with two of his fingers of his free hand and exhaled a long breath, "for all you know he probably wasn't a homeless man. What if he was a reporter in disguise? I mean, your significance in the acting world has definitely skyrocketed since promo week. You have to be more careful about who you talk to and who you trust."

Tom rolled his eyes, getting more irritated than when he first arrived. "James, I'm not trying to be a bitch, but you're just a cameraman. This isn't your business about who I talk to, you know."

"I know that Tom, but I'm just looking out for you, as a friend. Geez, don't get all diva on me. Being a big-shot isn't like you," James scoffed.

"Anyways, he told me Danny can't like Georgia. I mean, he did tell me he didn't love her anymore, that he was going to break up with her, and he kissed me, let's not forget that. He has to like me. He can't just kiss me for no reason, you know? Yeah, he was drunk, but that's not a reason at all, especially since he kinda of made a big deal about it a few days after. If it didn't mean anything to him, then he probably would have just confronted me and brushed it off," Tom explained, a smile creeping on his face.

James nodded, a laugh crawling up his throat. "But he said he might propose to Georgia. Doesn't that declaration kind of counter your theory?" he said almost humorously.

Tom shook his head, his happiness far from fading away. "No. It was a false declaration. He's just scared to admit his feelings for me, so he's investing himself in this useless relationship with Georgia."

James fought as much as he could, but the laugh had escaped. He covered his face with his hands and guffawed long and hard. Tom furrowed his eyebrows in confusion at James' reaction. He was expecting something like a proud pat on the back, not this.

"Oh my gosh, if only you knew what my revelation was. You would freak. You'd be more obsessed than you are right now," James chuckled, taking another sip of his margarita.

"I am not obsessed! I just know how Danny feels about me and I. " Tom frowned, seemingly unsure why he was motivated by this information. "I, um. I don't know."

"What do you mean you 'don't know'?!" James cried, his smile still very amused with the current situation. "Aren't you gonna, like, I don't know, go after him? I mean, we've all been kinda expecting you to do something about your feelings for Danny for a while now."

Tom opened his mouth to say something, but he closed it, thinking once again. He really hasn't done anything to solidify this thing he feels for the brunet. He's only been loving him from afar. Now that he knew this, it wasn't entirely impossible to feel guilty about splitting the couple apart. But. how would he do it? They're both under the watchful eye of the media now, and there was no way any of his actions would slip by unnoticed.

James ignored the last question and proceeded to answer the first one. "Harry, Giovanna, Dougie, me, even Matt. Oh, and, uh," James smiled apologetically and scratched the back of his neck in embarrassment and shame, "I kinda told the entire camera crew about it. They're all rooting for you."

Tom scoffed loudly, his jaw dropping to the floor in shock. "James! The entire camera crew. Oh my God, I'm like Kim Kardashian! I'm like the skank of reality TV, except that this is real life. I'm the skank of the real world!"

James giggled at Tom's reactions and shook his head. Playing matchmaker is so much fun. "Tom, you're not a skank. You're overreacting. C'mon, if people who don't even know you are rooting for you two to be together, then that really should encourage you to do something. Yeah, so Danny most likely like you too. Act on it, blondie!"

Tom's determination became bigger than ever and he (I kid you not) strut towards the door. "Thanks James! I'll see you on the not-single side of the world one day, if you ever find yourself a girl willing to love the dirty bush you call hair!"

James' mouth fell open a little and he self-consciously lifted his hand up to his hair. "Is my hair that shaggy?"

"Gi!" Danny interrupted in exasperation. He had made it to Harry's apartment and found that had guests over. More specifically, Dougie and Giovanna. Apparently Dougie had broken up with Rolando and the trio were celebrating (for whatever reason Danny wasn't sure since the break up was mutual). At least it made it three times easier for Danny to break the news.

"I'm sorry. You two are cute and good for press, I'll give you that," Giovanna smirked, taking a sly sip of champagne out of her little flute glass.

"Gi, you're as emotionless as the face on an Oscar award," Dougie stated with a roll of his eyes, copying Giovanna's actions.

"Can we get back to the main topic here? Like the fact that Danny's finally going to break up with that blonde bimbo he calls his girlfriend," Harry grinned as he leaned against the kitchen counter that faces into the living room of his apartment.

"Ahem, I'm right here," Danny said quietly. He picked up a cracker from the coffee table and placed a piece of cheese on top. "And I know Georgia's not the smartest person, but she's still quite alright. She can be down-to-earth sometimes."

Dougie snorted, causing champagne from his glass to fall on his coat, which caused Giovanna to laugh maniacally. "I've only known Georgia like a week and she's, no offense, a straight up bitch. You should've broken up with her after you picked her up from who-knows-what crappy bar."

"Well, I'm glad you got past that 'I-only-kissed-Tom-because-I-was-drunk-I-swear' phase. Let's face it Danny. I only saw you drink three and a half beers. You're not that light," Harry smirked. Danny rolled his eyes but blushed, taking another sip of champagne.

So far, Tom has barely messed up while filming scenes on Just My Luck and was relieved most of the bloopers on the gag reel were probably of Danny. He hated seeing embarrassing footage of him and worked hard for a long time to make sure he never made any mistakes again.

Today was the first day for the kissing scenes and Tom was panicking and shaking like a chihuahua. Dougie smirked at his friend's nervous form. The two were sitting on one of the benches in the railway station where Tom and Danny were going to film the last scene of the movie.

"I can't tell if you're excited to kiss your one true love or if you're really excited," Dougie teased, poking Tom's arm playfully. Tom glared at him and bit his lip, hoping the action would calm his nerves. It was far from doing so.

"I think I want to vomit," Tom groaned. The butterflies in his stomach were too much for him to contain and it came to the point where it actually caused him physical pain. He held his stomach tightly and moaned softly.

Dougie patted his back lightly. "Don't worry, mate. You've kissed men before. This won't be any different, I'm sure."

"Dougie, I'm in love with this man! Don't think anything comforting you're trying to say to me is working to some degree," Tom shrieked, glaring once again at his short blonde friend.

"Alright, don't get too snappy on me today. I just broke up with my boyfriend recently," Dougie huffed, scooting a little farther away from Tom.

"Dougie, you held a party in honor of breaking up with Rolando," Tom sighed. He was starting to become frustrated with Dougie. "I didn't even get to meet the man you had the longest relationship with."

"He was a distraction!" Dougie confessed in exasperation. He looked towards Tom with a look of annoyance. "Now, just stop moping because at least the man you love just might like you back."

Tom opened his mouth, but closed it again. This went on for a while, but eventually, Tom gave up. He didn't know what to say to his distressed friend and he felt bad for being the cause of it. He opted for a side hug and got up from his spot on the bench when the director waved him over. The blonde was disappointed when he didn't hear a cheery 'good luck!' from Dougie.

Tom and Danny were placed in the middle of the station and were surrounded by a camera that would rotate around them. They both look extremely uncomfortable and aren't sure how close they should be to each other.

Danny starts to laugh nervously. "I think I'm supposed to, uh, hold your face like this." He raises his large hands and cups Tom's face gently. The blonde shivers at this unfamiliar contact.

"Okay." Tom's breathing becomes uneven and he's trying to keep himself upright despite his wobbly knees. He looks at the director and he sees that the camera just started rolling.

The two actors start to recite their lines and they both become a little more comfortable with each other, but when they lean in to kiss, Danny suddenly jumps back in shock. Tom looks at him with confusion.

Danny is staring at Tom with a new expression and Tom can see the twinkle in his eyes. He knew why he had jumped, because he had felt it too. Their lips weren't even touching and it had felt like a torrent of lightning strikes rained down on them.

Danny and Tom recite their lines again, this time with more emotion behind them. When Danny says the last line before he's supposed to kiss Tom, he's leaning in and their lips lock cautiously. Tom feels like he can't breathe and he's floating on Cloud 9. Danny's mind is going haywire and his heart is beating at a rapid pace. Soon, their kiss becomes more intense and needy and it looks like they won't stop until they distantly hear the director calling cut. They both pull away with reluctance and look at each other with shock and confusion. The emotions they're both feeling are so intense that they can't tell what they're feeling at all.

"You're a hell of a kisser," Danny breathes quietly, his hands never leaving Tom's face. Tom smiles and bites his lip.

Danny gives him a quick wink and leaves the middle of the station and towards the door, as the shots for that day are finished. Tom is still in the middle of the station and still staring in the direction of where Danny left.

"Holy shit, that was hot!" Dougie squealed as he ran over to Tom's side, jumping up and down in excitement. "How was he?"

END NOTE: Sorry for such the short chapter! It's just a little push to get the real story started. Anyways, I hope you don't mind me self promoting and all that, but the reason for the short chapter is that I've started writing an original story on archiveofourown and I was hoping some of you would check it out. I'm really excited about getting the first few chapters/episodes finished. The first chapter/episode will be up after I finish a few more, but if you're interested in it, will you please support it? My account is under the same name: deeplyinloves. Sorry and thanks. D

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