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Singer Honey Singh got a lot of flak recently when the song Balatkari was credited to him. People on social networking sites and artistes from the music fraternity had vented their anger on the issue.

However, the singer denied that the song was his. There were some who chose to defend the singer, one of them being director Anurag Kashyap. The director’s tweet on a microblogging site read: ‘@ankash1009: Balatkari song is by Zeest.’

He also went on to clarify that in 2008, Saqib posted on his blog that ‘Songs like GMD, XL Ki Kudiyan or Balatkari don’t belong to us. Kindly give credit to the actual artistes.’ Anurag remained unavailable for comment.

Please refer to our previous post ‘To Clarify Some Rumors…!’ dated January, 19 th 2008 . where we had already clarified that:

  • Songs like GMD, XL ki Kudiyan or Balatkari don’t belongs to us. Kindly give credit to the actual artists.
  • Zeest don’t do only swear/slang words songs. You can’t judge any artist from only one song. The purpose of our song BC Sutta is not swearing at all… Please don’t predict what the rest of our music will be like.

So far, The Zeest Band has released only two songs i.e. “BC Sutta (Sutta na mila)” & “100 Rupai” both are registered under US Copyright. While, we have a very unique style of songwriting mostly based on the youth and social issues.

Now it’s very surprising to see that while facing some criticism, a well-known bollywood filmmaker Mr. Anurag Kashyap, who without doing any proper research, blames the Zeest band for composing or making explicit songs “Balatkari” & “Ch**t”. Whereas, the reality is that the songs like “Balatkari” or “Ch**t” etc. DOESN’T belongs to Zeest, and it has nothing to do with us. We don’t even know who had composed and sung those explicit songs which humiliate the women.

Therefore, we would like to request the editor of Daily Indian Express to clarify the situation to the Indian Nation. Furthermore, I would also like to request Mr. Anurag Kashyap, that as he is a respectable artist & intellectual, such comments without any proper research & evidences which blames other artists doesn’t suits his personality.

It is miserable to observe that a horrendous crime had been done, and instead of improving the poor condition of the law enforcing agencies, who were supposed to provide a fool proof security to a common man, the intellectuals & artists are blaming & criticizing each other.

Zeest performed Live at ActOne Studio’s Organized Fundraising Event – “Jam For A Cause” – Karachi

On 14th of september, Actone organized a fundraising event for a 16 year old girl, Blossom Faria, who is fighting bravely Brain Tumor. Skip (Saqib) Performed live along with other fellow musicians.

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