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Description: Less than a week after Australia's voice of soccer, Les Murray, announced he would retire as a broadcaster after the World Cup, another career may have emerged: pop star.

Just as Australia's voice of soccer, Les Murray, announces he will retire as a broadcaster after the World Cup. another career may have emerged: pop star.

An unsigned band from Coburg, Melbourne, Vaudeville Smash, has put themselves $20,000 in debt to produce an infectious football-themed pop song and cheekily asked Murray to sing the lyrics. Murray, 68, accepted but what happened next has shocked everyone involved.

The song, Zinedine Zidane. has become a YouTube hit since being released just over a week ago and has had more than 470,000 YouTube views as at Tuesday afternoon, in part due to a well-produced video clip. The song has attracted global attention, being reported and shared by the likes of the BBC. and European daily sports newspapers L'Equipe and Marca. It has also been mentioned by television networks ESPN and Fox Sports in Spain and in Brazil and embraced by soccer fans worldwide.

"I am a bit surprised to be honest," Murray said. "I've heard a lot of football songs in the past and most of them flopped. I thought [Zinedine Zidane ] was a terrific track. It is the best of the [World Cup songs] I've heard.

"[The band] approached me and. just said you have to rattle off a lot of names. But when I got to the studio I realised that had to be done to rhythm, to a certain time sequence. They trained me up on that and luckily because I've been a professional musician I've got a bit of a sense of timing.

"In the late '60s and the early 1970s I was in the Rubber Band. I was the lead singer, it was a cover band. I was upfront, screaming my little head off. [I had] long hair, no ponytail, platform shoes, flared pants."

Fans have made their own videos to go with the song, featuring clips of highlights from Zidane's career. Ted Tosidis from the blog part-time pundit asked: "Could it be that these humble lads. have produced the greatest football song in the history of World Cup songs, ever?"

Remarkably, Zinedine Zidane is more popular on YouTube than many countries' official World Cup songs, including those of England and Australia; The Socceroos' song Up. by Samantha Jade, has had about half as many views. Zinedine Zidane does, however, have a long way to go to match the official anthem for Brazil 2014, We Are One (Ole Ola) by Pitbull with Jennifer Lopez, which, despite much criticism, has had nearly 70 million views.

Vaudeville Smash's regular lead vocalist, Marc Lucchesi (who works as a substitute teacher), says the band spent about $20,000 in total on the song - for studio time, a small payment to Murray, paying for Zidane masks to be made (for the video clip), hiring actors and shooting and producing the video. But there have already been dividends: the band has been approached by a Belgian company with the offer of a European distribution deal and YouTube income is already flowing.

"From what I've heard you get about $4000 for every million [YouTube] plays," Lucchesi said, adding that a replacement van would be high on their shopping list, if they could make enough from YouTube and iTunes sales. "The van we have now is on the way out, the suspension has just gone. If we can get out of debt and make some money to pay ourselves, which we never do, and make enough to produce some more music, I'd be happy."

Lucchesi said Vaudeville Smash were keen for Murray to join them on stage for the song. "We've been emailing quite a bit. I reckon if it's a big enough show I'm hoping he will, who knows, maybe the ARIA [awards] or something. He just might do it."

Murray's picks for a World Cup winner? "Brazil. They're on home turf and they are terrific at the moment. There's always dark horses, like maybe Belgium, maybe even Switzerland, but unlikely. The World Cup is usually won by one of the big guns and that's going to be between Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Spain.

"Australia is going to perform creditably but I can't predict that they are going to win games, but it's football, it's the most unpredictable of games."

SBS One's 2014 FIFA World Cup coverage begins on Friday June 13 from 4am with the opening ceremony, followed by the first game: Brazil v Croatia from 5am.

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