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Description: We are well into 2014, so I decided to start making a list of different cartoon animation for 2014.

We are well into 2014, so I decided to start making a list of different cartoon animation for 2014. Cartoon animation has been around for a very long time. But, here we have most of the animations of 2014.

I have seen almost all of them. My favorite you might ask? Good question! I prefer to rather watch a cartoon animation before watching a true life drama or a romance movie.

Most of them was good and well done. Thanks to the new age of technology, a movie like The Adventures of Tintin looked too real. Puss in Boots was great, I just love that Spanish cat to death.

The film industry has soared high due to 3D animation. Thanks to 3D Animation, the motionless, looks active and actual. The history of movies and classic cartoons has been changed by these advanced techniques and tools. People generally choose to watch light animations as they want to just unwind themselves from the day's normal routine. Watching 3D animations is indeed pleasurable and relaxing. I just prefer not to sit too close to the tv.

Animations, has not only swept the film industry but opened new mental pictures for individuals who want to progress as animators. It is quite rewarding for people who choose cartoon animation and multimedia as their careers, as they can earn good profits for their originality. Along with 3D animation, one needs to have a perfect combination of text, video, graphics, sound effects, interaction and other useful tools to successfully convey the message and the original theme of the movie and knowing how to draw a cartoon.

It was Walt Disney who dominated the animated cartoon film industry and soon the other major player was Warner Brothers who made short animated cartoon films to compete with Walt Disney characters. And very quickly the cartoon animation hit the big screens which attracted people from all age groups.

And now, 3D animation, have contributed greatly towards the film industry, as profitably maintained its position in the world of cinemas.

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Cartoon Me Blinking Animation . by MonsterSilvi on DeviantArt

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Photographs Free Cartoon Animation - 1aled.borzii

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