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Description: Learn how to do a most effective basketball crossover and dominate on basketball court!

This website will try to teach you how to do a most effective basketball crossover through a simple and advanced ball handling workout .

We will focus on many things that are needed to improve your basketball crossover moves and show you some basketball crossover tips .

Also we will go through some of the basketball shooting drills which are closely connected to a crossover dribble in order to have a variety of effective endings to score and trick the defense players.

First part of the move is a fake move, the second part is hesitation and the third part is a real move.

To simplify that, we can say that in this part of a move you want to set up defensive player off balance. You must make him believe that this is your real move and that you will continue moving in that direction. Fake move is never done in full speed. Give some time to your defense to react. Fake move can be combined with an inside out dribble or dribble between legs etc…

Hesitation is a part of basketball crossover where you actually waiting for the defense to take a bite, to react. You want him to go off balance. Hesitation is always done when the ball is up. To do that you must stay low and keep control your body and the ball at a same time.

With a sudden change of direction and speed, switching the ball side from hand to hand (crossover), you are making a real move and passing by the defensive player in opposite direction. Real move is always done in full speed.

To be able to do a killer crossover your overall basketball dribbling skills must be at a high level.

To achieve that level you need to practice on your fundamentals. Drills to improve ball handling should become your every day task.

You should start with simple stationary ball handling drills and set up your own ball handling workout routine.

When you make a progress and start to do stationary ball handling drills with your eyes closed you can start to implement more advanced dribbling drills .

To be able to effectively score after crossover you have to practice on your shooting and your layup skills too. I will show you exactly what basketball shooting drills are most effective to connect those basketball moves.

You can also learn and recognize different crossover moves from basketball crossovers videos like this one:

Every NBA player will tell you that behind the best basketball crossovers standing a hard work. Hours and hours are spent in practicing the different basketball moves. but all of them started with fundamentals.

On the other pages of this website you will find everything you need to do to perform the best ankle breaker. vicious move, basketball crossover.

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