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First things first - eggs should hatch in 21 days. though some may hatch a day or 2 early and some a day or 2 late, after the incubation period began. A "day" is counted as a full 24 hours, so Day 1 would be the first 24 after setting the egg, Day 2 the next 24 hours etc. If you set eggs on a Monday, it's usually a safe bet that they will hatch on a Monday, 3 weeks later.

Select clean, even shaped, undamaged eggs for incubating. If possible, do not store them too long pre-incubation. Ideally eggs should be set within a week after being laid and after 10 days the hatchability of the eggs drops significantly.

**A note on shipped eggs: Shipped eggs should be allowed to rest and for 24 hours prior to setting, to allow the contents of the eggs to settle. Place shipped eggs upright, with the fat end of the egg up, in an egg carton, or something similar. Shipped eggs often have loose or damaged air cells. For more info and tips on managing these see here .

Before putting your eggs into an incubator, plug it in and make sure the temperature is steady. In a forced air incubator (with a fan) the temperature should be 99-99.5*F. In a still air incubator the temperature should be slightly higher, 101-102*F measured at the top of the eggs.  I use a thermometer and a hygrometer (which measures humidity) in my incubator. Hygrometers can be purchased quite cheaply at a cigar shop, Radio Shack and I believe even Walmart. You want 45-50% humidity for day 1-18, then 65% for the last few days.

Use a non-toxic marker and mark eggs with an X  on one side and an O  on the other, so when you are turning them you can make sure they all got turned. More about turning later.

There are many makes and models of incubators for sale and they vary greatly in price, quality and user-friendliness. It's recommended that you read our incubator reviews  and get some opinions before you choose one!

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