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This movie is better known as the Turkish Spider-Man or Three Mighty Men. It's a ridiculous tale about an evil Spider-Man and his struggles against Captain America and his pal Santo the wannabe wrestler. This movie can only come from Turkey. The unbelievably bad editing, stolen plot ideas, and hilarious fight sequences are completely on par with other rare Turkish gems. Honestly, watching this movie is a good time.

The story loosely dances around a plot involving gobs of counterfeit American dollars. Mainly the story is about the amusing ways Spidey can quickly end the lives of his enemies. Some of which are quite graphic and one even involves a guinea pig death tunnel. Yes, you read that correctly, a guinea pig death tunnel.

4. There is a part of the movie where the original master cuts out and it sounds like the movie is trying to beat box.

6. More than 3 people get picked up during fights and set on top of tables before they're attacked. I've never seen that tactic before.

7. Every major fight scene in the movie has what I refer to as "arcade mode" where someone picks up an enemy body and uses it as a weapon.

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