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Description: This MATLAB function creates a new figure window using default property values.

figure creates a new figure window using default property values. This new figure window becomes the current figure, and it displays on top of all other figures on the screen. The title of the figure is an integer value that is not already used by an existing figure. MATLAB ® saves this integer value in the figure's Number property.

figure(' PropertyName ',propertyvalue. ) creates a new figure window using specific property values. For a list of available properties, see Figure Properties. MATLAB uses default values for any properties that you do not explicitly define as arguments.

If h is the handle or the Number property value of an existing figure, then figure(h) makes that existing figure the current figure, makes it visible, and moves it on top of all other figures on the screen. The current figure is the target for graphics output.

If h is not the handle and is not the Number property value of an existing figure, but is an integer, then figure(h) creates a figure object and assigns its Number property the value h.

To create a figure window that is one quarter the size of your screen and is positioned in the upper left corner, use the root object's ScreenSize property to determine the size. The ScreenSize property value is a four-element vector: [left bottom width height] .

To position the full figure window including the menu bar, title bar, tool bars, and outer edges, use the OuterPosition property in the same manner.

You can add your own title to a figure by setting the Name property and turning off the NumberTitle property:

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