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Description: Fiddleheads, Chaga mushrooms, and Mushroom hunting school nestled in the Maritimes catering to the world!

All ferns can be called Fiddleheads, but only the Ostrich fern ( Matteuccia struthioteris ) is considered to be edible. In the spring (late April through May), the tender curled heads of the fern are picked just after it makes its appearance out of the husk that houses the fronds.

Our vacuum-packed Fiddleheads will stay crisp and green for up to three weeks in your fridge. Submerging them in ice cold water in your fridge, with a change of water every two to three days, will keep them fresh for up to three weeks or more as well.

In our part of the country, our grocery stores display Fiddleheads in large plastic barrels with a constant supply of fresh running water. You simply scoop them out of the barrel with a dip screen and let them drain a few seconds. This is how all grocery stores should keep the Fiddleheads they sell, to retain their freshness and spring green color. Fiddleheads that are displayed in regular open bins, in the grocer aisle, will turn brown, limp and dry out from exposure to the air.

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