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Description: The Go Game provides team building games, scavenger hunts, and activities for your company, conference, convention, or corporate events. Based in San Francisco.

“ The Go Game did an amazing job and was fun to work with! They brought energy, fun and excitement that was contagious throughout our San Francisco game. Thank you for another amazing team-building experience! ”

“ Over 15 years with the company, and this was the best team-building event I've experienced. We definitely bonded and got to know one another. ”

“ I absolutely appreciated all the communication leading up to our team-building event and I was without a doubt so glad that I chose the Go Game. My favorite quote came from a 24 year veteran of the complany: This was THE BEST team-building event I have ever been a part of! ”

“ Our game runner was FABULOUS, such a great personality, fun, and hilarious! My team was unanimously delighted with our San Francisco team-building game, thanks so much! ”

“ It was my first time doing a Go Game team-building game in San Francisco and it was a blast! Would definitely do it again for future team-building events! ”

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