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Description: 103 reviews of Himalayan Cafe "Food here is awesome. Music, and it's low cost. Low cost high flavor for a foodie like me means I am here weekly. Unfortunately the people in the area do not have a ethnic pallet...they seem to be McDonalds or…

Food here is awesome.  Music, and it's low cost.  Low cost high flavor for a foodie like me means I am here weekly.  Unfortunately the… Read More

Located along Bonita Ave, a few doors down from San Dimas Pet Groomer with plenty of street parking. There is also a small lot in the back… Read More

Located along Bonita Ave, a few doors down from San Dimas Pet Groomer with plenty of street parking. There is also a small lot in the back as well. By the way, if you end up parking on Bonita Ave and enter from the restaurant entrance here, it is actually the back entrance of the restaurant.

Anyways, when we arrived (two Saturdays ago around 12:30 pm), we walked towards the front of the restaurant and were eventually greeted by a male server. It was kind of strange that in the front of the restaurant it was rather dark, but lit in the back of the entrance (from where we entered). Anyways, my husband and I didn't know if we wanted to either try their lunch buffet ($9.99 per person, prior to tax: 11 am- 3 pm, 7 days a week) or to just order from their menu. We asked if we could take a look at the buffet, which the sever told us we could.

As I walked over to look, I thought it looked okay and so we decided to do the lunch buffet. With some of the choices, there were some of your standard fare that includes tandoori chicken and. chicken tikka masala. There were also some vegetarian dishes, a vegetable and cheese soup and white rice on the buffet line. There were plenty of choices, however I was not impressed with the taste of the items.

Now the bad thing about eating these type of lunch buffets is that often times these restaurants use these specials to serve old food. And that was the case of this buffet. Now I don't think there is anything wrong with leftovers, but on this buffet line, some of the food was just dry (especially the white rice). The tandooi chicken was actually pretty good but I was not a fan of the chicken tikka masala. It was too Americanized and just didn't quite have the flavors that I am used to.

Some of the other vegetarian dishes were good (sorry, but I did not catch the name of them), but nothing really stood out to me.

We were given 2 pieces of naan bread at our table. Not sure if we could have received refills or not because we never finished our 2 pieces.

I also ordered Vegetable Mo-Mo, $9.99 prior to tax, which is a dumpling stuffed with vegetables and spices. This dish came with 10 pieces and a peanut flavored dipping sauce. The sauce was cold and just didn't taste very appetizing to me. The dumping itself was made well and had great flavor.

My husband got a mango lassi, $3.99 prior to tax, which tasted pretty standard to other mango lassi drinks we have had in the pass.

Service was just okay. Considering that there were only 2 other tables (both of which also did the lunch buffet), I felt that the service could have been a bit more attentive.

I think if I was to ever come back, I would probably just stick with the menu, as the food is cooked to order. How do I know this? Our vegetable Mo-Mo took a real long time to come out after I ordered it (in which I only had one piece and took home the rest because my husband and I were already full).

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