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Description: Line dancing Step Sheets and Information, How Will I Know, Linda McCormack (UK) & Rachael McEnaney (UK/USA) Nov 2014

Count In: 16 counts from start of track, Start dancing at approx 15secs on the word “YOU”.

[1 – 9] R back sweeping L, L behind, R side, L cross, ¼ turn L, ¼ turn L, sway 1/8 L, back R-L, ½ turn R with developpe, fwd R-L-R

1 2 & 3 Step back R as you sweep L (1), cross L behind R (2), step R to right side (&), cross L over R (3) 12.00

4 & 5 Make ¼ turn left stepping back R (4), make ¼ turn left stepping L to left side (&), sway upper body to left softly bringing R arm across body (5) – body should now be angled naturally to left diagonal (4.30) counts &5 is one smooth flowing action. 4.30

6 & 7 Step back R (6), step back L (&), flick R foot back & imagine drawing a circle with R foot as you make ½ turn right and extend R foot forward (7) count 7 is one smooth flowing action 10.30

[10 – 16] 1/8 turn R pointing L toe, ½ spiral turn L, L fwd sweeping R, R cross, ¼ turn R, back R sweeping L, back L sweeping R, R coaster step

2 & 3 Make 1/8 turn right pointing L toe to left (2), make ½ turn left on ball of R (&), step L forward as you sweep R (3) 6.00

4 & 5 6 Cross R over L (4), make ¼ turn right stepping back L (&), step back R as you sweep L (5), step back L as you sweep R (6) 9.00

7 & 8 Step back R (7), step L next to R (&), step forward R (8) upper body needs to be prepped to right ready for a full turn left 9.00

Restart: On 5th wall (you will hear just instrumental), do the first 16 counts then recover weight onto L (&), then Restart the dance.

[17 – 24] Full spiral turn L, ¾ turn L, R arm movement with ¼ turn R, back L-R, ¼ turn L, arm movement R-L

& 3 Make ½ turn left stepping back R (&), make ¼ turn left stepping L to left and bring R arm all the way across body at shoulder height (3) 12.00

5 Making a ¼ turn right and taking weight forward to R - bring R arm down and then up (above head) in a half moon shape (5) 3.00

6 & 7 Lower arm (by bending elbow first) as you step back L (6), step back R (&), make ¼ turn left stepping L to left (7) 12.00

& 8 Keeping feet apart bring R fist up in front of forehead (&), bring L fist up and across R (making an X shape) (8) 12.00

[25 – 32] Fwd R-L (on balls of feet) with hand movement, back R, back L sweeping R, step R behind, L side-rock-cross, ¾ turn L, R fwd rock.

& 1 Step R forward to right diagonal (&), step L forward to left diagonal (1) (feet should be shoulder width apart and this looks good if you do it on balls of feet).

During counts &1 – keep hands in X shape but open fists & close them one finger at a time (start with little finger) 12.00

& 2 3 Step back R (&), step back L as you sweep R (2), cross R behind L and open body to right diagonal (facing 1.30) 12.00

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