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Considering the spelling (apparent) in his footnoted reference, one surmises it is a (meaningless) typo.

I haven't read the article, but I think I can surmise the correct answer from reading the title: No.

From other posts I've surmised that pw0ncakes lives in an Edith Wharton "Age of Innocence" version of New York with the scenes and characters updated for modern readers.

I couldn't surmise the post's title, so if anyone finds that there is one, drop me a note, and I'll change it.

From a philosophical standpoint, I surmise free will does exist over the long-term course of your life - but not the short term.

Well, if by "learn", you mean "extrapolate", "surmise ", "conjecture" or "speculate".

IANACPA - but I would surmise this to be blatantly obvious tax fraud - where the other version is much easier to hide as "normal" activity.

I'm I right to surmise that "graphical" refers to graphs rather than "graphics", or was that just one example in the video?

It's pretty easy to surmise that Amazon doesn't want to facilitate crowd-source funding for a group whose purpose is to provide free e-books.

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