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Description: Kingston Technology Company - Support - FAQ for Data Traveler

Since there are several possibilities, we have provided a list of trouble-shooting procedures that you should follow:

  1. Make sure the DataTraveler is plugged directly into one of the main USB ports, located on the back of the PC. If you are using a USB port on the front of the computer or a USB HUB, these connections may not distribute enough power to support the High Speed 2.0 USB device. Also, if you are using one of the USB ports on the back of the PC and your system has four USB ports, you will need to use USB ports 1 or 2 since USB ports 3 and 4 may not distribute enough power to support the High Speed 2.0 USB device.
  • Check to see if the DataTraveler is conflicting with a pre-assigned drive letter. In order to accomplish this, follow the steps below:
    1. Right-Click on 'My Computer' located on your desktop.
    2. Select 'manage.'
    3. Here you need to select 'Disk Management.'
    4. Locate the DataTraveler. Right-Click on the drive and allocate a new drive letter for the DataTraveler.
  • If you have never installed a device on the USB ports, you should make sure they are enabled in the system BIOS. If the USB ports are enabled, you will also need to make sure the device is enabled in Device Manager. For assistance accessing your BIOS and/ or making changes to the BIOS settings, check your user's manual. To enable the device in Device Manager, follow the steps below:
    1. Access the Device Manager by going to My Computer> Control Panel> Performance and Maintenance> Administrative Tools> Computer Management then Device Manager.
    2. Locate the Kingston DataTraveler and Right-Click on the device. Select the 'enable' option.
  • If you get an error stating, "usbntmap.sys, usbstor.sys, usbhub.sys, usbui.dll, usbmphlp.sys or usbauth.sys" are missing during the installation of the DataTraveler, and/ or the Operating System cannot locate the correct driver, follow the instructions below to locate the missing file (s).
    1. Start the Add New Hardware Wizard. Important: Do not exit the wizard.
    2. Click "Start" and select "Search." Select, "For Files or Folders."
    3. Select the hard drive as your search location.
    4. Type "" and click Search Now.
    5. If the icon indicates the files are compressed, you will need to use Winzip to decompress the files and extract them to a specific location so the operating system can find them.
    6. Write down the location of the file.

    Note: If the file was not found on the hard drive, insert the Windows installation CD and repeat the above steps to find the file (s) on the CD. If you still cannot locate these files, you will need to contact your system's manufacture or Microsoft for assistance.

  • From the Add New Hardware Wizard, click the "Browse" button.
  • Locate the "" that you may have saved to your hard drive.
  • Click OK to complete the installation of the files.
  • Certain software applications and/ or drivers could cause conflicts during the installation of the DataTraveler. It is recommended that you uninstall or disable these applications and/ or drivers until the DataTraveler is completely installed. The applications/ drivers that need to be removed or disabled include Adaptec EZ CD Creator & Adaptec Direct CD, USB Scanner software and drivers, Digital Camera software and drivers, Zip Drive software and drivers and some Anti-Virus programs. Once the DataTraveler installation is complete, you can reinstall or enable these applications and drivers.

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