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Description: Lada Priora is a modernized family of models 2110, appeared in far 1998. The first appeared in the line sedan VAZ 2170 – its production started in 2007. Then Priora acquired modifications in

Lada Priora is a modernized family of models 2110, appeared in far 1998. The first appeared in the line sedan VAZ 2170 – its production started in 2007. Then Priora acquired modifications in the back of a hatchback and wagon. Talking about a revolution in the design of the model is not necessary, because the changes were mainly a design of the front and rear of the vehicle. Sedan Lada Priora has received more modern teardrop-shaped headlights, new bumper, bonnet, a different grille and different rear light.

Equipment                           Price                   Engine                         Transmission        Drive

1.6 Norm AMT                     USD 13000       1.6 petrol (106 hp)       robot (5)                front

1.6 MT                                   USD 13400       1.6 petrol (106 hp)       Mechanics (5)      front

1.6 Suite AMT                      USD 14000       1.6 petrol (106 hp)       robot (5)                 front

At the same time the profile of the car remains almost unchanged. And though the automaker claims that the design was made for a total of 950 changes in the exterior can not call them great. The exterior design of the sedan Lada Priora is used all the same bio-design, which tended Korean cars nineties. Overall length Lada Priora sedan is 4 350 mm (size of the wheelbase – 2492), width – 1680, height – 1 420 Ground clearance (clearance) is equal to 165 mm and luggage compartment volume is 430 liters. The new steering wheel and dashboard have become modern.

The car is offered in three trim levels: “Standard”, “Normal” and “Lux”. Price Lada Priora sedan in the initial version was USD 10000. This is a car with a 81-horsepower engine, in equipment that includes a driver’s airbag, front windows and remote keyless entry.

The equipment of the most expensive modification includes two airbags, seat belts with pretensioners, ABS, electric power steering, light and rain sensors, climate control, full power accessories, heated front seats, audio system with MP3 and UBS-entry, as well as artificial leather seat upholstery. The new Lada Priora 2 September 27, 2013 in Tolyatti, the official presentation of the new Lada Priora 2, we retouched look, new power agrgeat seriously upgraded interior and an expanded list of equipment. Among the innovations appear integrated in the head optics running lights, the LED section in the rear lights and a slightly modified rear bumper.

But the interior of the new Lada Priora 2 significantly changed. The cabin is fully installed new front seat with an increased range of adjustments, re-registered front panel, a dashboard and center console with touch-screen multimedia system. In addition, significantly improved sound insulation and decoration materials. The range of engines for the new Priory in 2014 included a 1.6-liter gasoline engine with 106 hp, which in the future may receive a pair of robotic transmission. As options have become available for the model side airbags, Electronic Stability System, cruise control and audio system with USB.

But before the end of 2014. Prior will undergo another modernization, during which get modified front bumper and head optics, other materials trim and leather heated steering wheel. In addition, an updated Lada Priora 2015 will get an upgraded suspension with gas-filled struts, negative camber rear wheels and new stabilizers. Plus there will be a vacuum brake booster of the increased dimension and other pads, as well as improved insulation and door mechanisms. In September 2014 AvtoVAZ Lada Priora presented with five-speed robotized transmission ZF, which will be offered only for cars with 1.6-liter engine with 106 hp Production of new items launched in early September, and sales began on October 25 at a price of USD 13000. From zero to hundred sedan equipped with a robot accelerated 11.0 sec. And the maximum speed reaches 185 km/h. Average fuel consumption in the combined cycle is claimed at 6.9 l/100 km.

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