Lost the begining of the end

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Description: "The Beginning of the End" is the premiere episode of Season 4 of Lost, and the seventy-third...

Hurley stands beside the DHARMA van. radioing Jack for an update on the call to the freighter. Jack confirms that he has spoken to the people on the boat and that Naomi 's people are on their way to pick them up. Jack winks at Ben after informing an ecstatic Hurley that they're going to meet them by the beach so Hurley should pack his bags. Hurley runs to the others at the beach to tell them the good news. Jin and Sayid finish collecting guns from the dead Others who attacked them, whilst Juliet digs graves.

On the shore, Hurley tells Bernard that he won the lottery. but that it was a curse, much to Bernard's disbelief. However, Hurley figures that since he's been presumed dead in the crash. his money will be all gone and that he will be "free." He decides he wants to do a cannonball dive into the ocean, reveling in his sense of freedom. ♪. When Hurley surfaces from his jump into the ocean, he sees Desmond returning to the beach in the outrigger. He notices that Charlie is not with him and heads over to investigate.

At the radio tower. Jack and the rest of the survivors are preparing to be rescued. ♪ Sun expresses her relief at being able to deliver her baby in a hospital, Claire jokes about Sun rubbing it in. Rose joins them. Claire tells Rose that her husband was "quite the hero." Rose tells her that everyone knows Charlie is the real hero and tells Claire to treat him "real good" when he gets back. ♪

Jack and Kate discuss their imminent rescue;Jack says that if he sees Locke he will kill him. They receive an incoming call on the sat phone from Minkowski. who says they are having trouble getting a fix on their location and they need to change some settings on the phone, and asks for Naomi. Not wanting to reveal Naomi is dead, Jack tells Minkowski that she is gathering wood, but Kate points out that her body is gone. ♪ Rousseau finds a trail of blood which she and Jack prepare to follow. Before they go, Kate tells Jack that she has found a separate trail and that she thinks Naomi may be trying to trick them. Jack says that Naomi is injured and isn't thinking about creating dummy trails. He drags Ben along because he doesn't trust him with anyone else. The rest of the survivors leave for the beach.

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