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Description: Low-budget definition, made or done on a small or reduced budget; costing relatively little money: a low-budget film. See more.

For Coming Soon, Gordon's initial plan was to make and then display her wreath paintings in a low-budget California tract house.

These six words put a low-budget film from a virtually unknown studio on the map during the summer of 1987.

Pot Psychology on the Web was a low-budget affair, but it always tackled the tough issues of the day.

Step 11: Return to your living room, and fall asleep as a low-budget cop drama plays on a smallish computer monitor.

Mega64 is a series of low-budget. DIY comedy sketches that reenact video games on the streets of San Diego.

I've long been fixated, low-budget Edith Wharton-like, on what happens when different strata of society rub up against each other.

Our ragtag, low-budget location-scout group included Tate, co-producer Sonya Lunsford, Mark, Rena, and me.

The best performing film of the year may well turn out to be a low-budget feature whose biggest star is a B-level TV actor.

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