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Description: O Mapa de Cultura do Rio de Janeiro й uma enciclopйdia online da cultura fluminense, um portal com roteiros e informaзхes sobre as principais manifestaзхes culturais de todos os municнpios do Estado.

One of the most talked about cities in the State of Rio, Bъzios receives, throughout the year, national and foreign tourists seeking to visit its beautiful beaches, restaurants, and upmarket shops. The fishing village was discovered in the 1960s by French actress Brigitte Bardot and joined the international circuit. Not for less. The city, which lies on an 8-kilometer-long peninsula, surrounded by a crystal clear sea, brings together natural beauty, elegance, nightlife, while still preserving its intangible heritage.

In Bъzios, one can find the tradition of the quilombos (a hinterland settlement founded by people of African origin, who were escaped slaves and/or other non-black, non-slave Brazilians who experienced oppression during colonization), at Rasa beach, a circus school, and a branch of the Villa-Lobos School of Music. The city also hosts an international jazz and blues festival, a gastronomy festival, and a film festival.

The spirit and mood of the ?buzianos? (born or "adopted" citizens) can be summarized by the name of one of its most popular newspaper - "O Peru Molhado" (The Wet Turkey). Needless to say anything else.

The settlement of Bъzios occurred around 1740, when whaling emerged at what is called nowadays the Ossos Beach - one of many beaches that make up the city's beautiful coastline. Human presence in the area is, however, pre-historic. The 22 archaeological sites of the city are the oldest of Rio's Coastal Lowlands and indicate that groups lived at the surroundings of today's Geribб beach about 5150 years ago.

Bъzios was established as a district of Cabo Frio, in 1924, called Saco de Fora. In 1938, its name was changed to Armaзгo dos Bъzios. The area developed with an agriculture based on slave labor and even after Abolition of Slavery it continued to receive Africans: it was a clandestine port for the landing of slaves. Many fled to the Rasa Quilombo (hinterland settlement founded by fugitive slaves, mostly, but also revolutionaries and refugees during colonization), which had great importance in the local slave resistance movements. Nowadays, remnants of the "quilombos" in the neighborhood of Rasa are recognized by the National Institute of Colonization and Agrarian Reform (INCRA) and the Palmares Foundation.

As of the 1960s, Bъzios became a coveted tourist destination, influenced by the propaganda made by French actress Brigitte Bardot, who vacationed in the city and promoted its beaches internationally. The actual municipality was established in 1997, with its emancipation from Cabo Frio.

The Bъzios Academy of Letters and Arts (ALAB) was founded on August 27, 2009. It currently has 53 Effective Academic Members, 51 Corresponding Academic Members, 12 Honorary Academic Members, 14 Cultural Ambassadors, and 11 Youth Academic Members. It promotes cultural and literary events, especially the ALAb's Tales Contest, which had its first edition in July 2011, at the "Centro Municipal de Educaзгo Integral-CEMEI" (City Center for Comprehensive Education) and awarded 10 students from city schools with notebooks, computers, among other prizes for the best young writers. Meetings currently take place at the headquarters of the city's Commercial Association, bimonthly.

Founded in February 1981 by Argentine Marcelo Lartigue and Portuguese Anнbal Fernando, the first local newspaper reports the city's events with good humor and irreverence. With a circulation of 7,000 copies, it was one of the first in the region to have printed color editions, versions in English and Spanish, and a website, in addition to being available on iPad. At first, the paper would come out when it was possible - that was its slogan. Then, it became a weekly vehicle. It is also distributed in Rio de Janeiro, Cabo Frio, Macaй, and Rio das Ostras.

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