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Description: Ohmite manufactures electronic components such as Power resistor applications, surface mount resistors, rheostats, power inductors, precision resistors, carbon composition resistors, tap switches.

Ohmite Manufacturing Company headquartered in Chicago Illinois, a wholly owned subsidiary of Heico Company, LLC, has acquired Arcol UK, Ltd of Truro, England. The acquisition solidifies Ohmite's global presence in the power resistors market and establishes a manufacturing presence in Europe upon which to grow. Ohmite's President Greg Pace says of the acquisition, "The combination of Arcol's excellent power resistor product line and their reputation for quality complements Ohmite's global offering. Arcol is particularly strong in aluminum housed wirewound resistors which is consistent with our customer base and our selling strategy. The strengths of our two organizations working together will benefit our mutual customers and Distributors for decades to come."

Arcol UK, Ltd, founded in the 1952, was acquired by Mike Pritchard and Alun Morgan in 1992 and has grown by offering outstanding quality products and on-time delivery. Former owner Mike Pritchard says, "This is a very nice fit for Arcol and its employees, distributors and customers. The combined product lines, and distribution channels will result in sustained growth for Ohmite. We are pleased to be selling to such a fine organization and we are proud of what Arcol has accomplished."

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