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Description: Momiji looked calmly at herself in the mirror asking herself why Kusanagi had not called or talked to her in such a long time. I'm not ugly, am I ,and he loves me right? Ugh, I want to know what's

Momiji looked calmly at herself in the mirror asking herself why Kusanagi had not called or talked to her in such a long time. I'm not ugly, am I ,and he loves me right? Ugh, I want to know what's going on I have called him like a hundred times and he has yet to respond to even one of my messages. He's not at his apartment either, oh no, did he leave again, but wait all the aragami are gone why would he leave, hmm? And it's my twentieth birthday today where in the world is he? He promised to take me out to a nice place although I have no clue what his definition of nice is ,but I still wanted to go. He is going to get it the next time I see him, I mean what is his deal? It is my birthday! I mean where is everyone? I think I at least deserve a present I mean they are my friends right I want to part-a-y.

"Everyone as soon as she comes in we shout out happy birthday okay? Hey, where is Yeagashi? Oh well, we'll just have to get ready without him. No, put the gun down Koume no violence on Momiji's birthday, please."

Koume, "That Yeagashi is always going somewhere when we have something important going on. I'm going hunting for him." Then Koume started to walk away gun in hand.

"Come on Koume, stop don't leave. What about the party and Momiji she is your friend, right? I'm sure Yeagashi will come really soon and have a really good excuse. Please just stay," begged Kusanagi.

Everyone at the party stopped what they were doing when suddenly the door opened and Yeagashi and Momiji walked in.

Alright, I go with Yeagashi because he told me that he had a present for me at the office, and what do I see? I see my friend, Koume, pointing a gun at my boyfriend and everyone else standing around them yelling, "Fight. Fight." What a wonderful surprise isn't it? Is it just me or is everything just extremely weird today? This is totally not the wonderful day I had thought it would be.

Everyone then said lightly, "Um, Surprise! Happy birthday Momiji." Koume then quickly dropped her gun looking put down.

Kusanagi looked flustered and said, "Momiji, happy b-day. Uh, I can explain all of this…", but then Momiji put her hand up and said, "I don't want to know, can we please just have a nice birthday party I've had enough surprise for one day."

At least I know that nothing weirder can happen today….right? Right? What a wonderful start to my birthday. I mean what else could possibly happen?

Hello! This is my first story is it good, bad, or did my craziness show to much? Anyways please review if I get some I might continue. I enjoy compliments and constructive criticism. Please review. If you do you'll make this psycho happy. Thanks! Oh and if my grammary stuff is bad please tell me because I would like to get a person to edit this but my friends seem to have other things going on. Bye!

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