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Description: Meaning of the name Beata: Derived from the Latin beatrix (she who makes happy, she who brings happiness), which is from beātus (happy, blessed).

Used in several languages in central and northern Europe, and occasionally in English, especially in the 19th Century.

I have grown up with the name Beata and never have liked my name. After high school I took on a nickname and it has been so much easier. People can pronounce my nickname!

My Chinese American grandmother (born in the U.S.) is named Beata. She's 86. She pronounces it differently from the guide above. She says "bee-A-tah." (The middle syllable is a long A.)

My name is Beata and i love this name! people who i have meet also think its pretty and nice. Now that I'm in High school I like the name a lot and recommend it to parents to be. Sometimes people don't pronounce it right because they might say "beeh- ah- tah" or "bee- tah", but the actual pronunciation is "beh (as in ben) - ah- tah" Beata. I hope I helped. )

My is Beata and I feel proud of my name. At school some used to call me "Betty" and others used to pronone "Beeta" in English. I like my name and my Daddy told me that it means "blessed."

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