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Description: Nginx Configuration Examples

Nginx web server does not support Apache rewrite syntax from Apache's mod_rewrite module. As such, you need to convert your Apache rewrite syntax to Nginx rewrite syntax which uses the HttpRewriteModule. Documentation site has examples for Apache rewrite conversion to Nginx rewrites here.

Centmin Mod doesn't provide any support for converting your Apache rewrites to Nginx rewrites. You will have to figure those out on your own (Google search is a good place to start. As is the linked official Nginx forums below).

However, below are links to compiled lists of Nginx sample configuration settings and Nginx rewrite rules for various apps. As per FAQ. if you would like to share and contribute your working Nginx configuration settings and Nginx rewrite rules with appropriate credit acknowledgement and link back, please contact me or join and share on the Centmin Mod Google+ Community .

If you can't find what you're looking for, check and ask on Nginx's official forums at as well as check out the official Wiki .

Note: /usr/local/nginx/conf/staticfiles.conf include file in each Nginx vhost template has a .html. htm, txt location context match which may interfere with rewrites of static files, especially if you're using wordpress permalinks that end in .html. Easiest solution is to remove the .html. htm. txt location context match in staticfiles.conf include file or choose a permalink format which does not use .html extensions. For more info see here: #35 .

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