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Description: Autopia lets drivers of take the wheel for a fun-filled spin around a 4-lane track in Tomorrowland.

Take the wheel and whirl around the tracks of Autopia. a fun-filled roadway where you can both be the driver of your own small car and get glimpses of things from the car's perspective!

Enter The Grand Stand where cars on a big screen discuss life as they know it. They cover big topics like street smarts, the birds and the bees ("There comes a time in your life when bees will fly right into your grill!"), and the challenges of waiting for green lights.

A combination of the words "automobile" and "utopia," this roaring racetrack features 4 lanes of fun! Drivers of almost all ages can experience the thrill of putting their pedal to the metal on this imaginative motorway lined with lush green foliage and humorous billboards. Guide rails keep less experienced drivers on course as the cars hug curves, cross bridges and even go off-roading!

When the checkered flag is waved, step on the accelerator to start the race in one of the sleek hotrods. Each car has its own personality. The cast of car characters includes Suzy the cute coupe, Dusty the off-road vehicle and Sparky the stylish sports car. You control the speed and steering as you take the car around the track. Need a brake? Just take your foot off the accelerator to slow down. Need help? Let our professional pit crew give you a hand.

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