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Description: Take instructor led web-based seminars, learn everything from the basics of HP Web Jetadmin to advanced concepts on security and implementation.

Business trends are driving a shift from single tasks toward more complex multistep workflows and from a centralized structure toward more distributed environments—with branch offices and teleworkers.

Keeping up with all the devices on the network—including those in remote locations—can consume IT resources.

HP Web Jetadmin can help save you time with its ability to auto-discover new device IP addresses, quickly and easily set group policies, and configure or change device network settings for initial deployment or after installation.

Deploy HP Web Jetadmin to help optimize and protect your imaging and printing assets with effective fleet management and reporting.

    Easily configure your fleet for cost savings—such as defaulting to duplex printing.
  • Establish fleet administration rules, such as who can access specific HP Web Jetadmin features and on which devices.
  • Establish end-user rules (or policies) to help control cost, such as access to color or to protect sensitive information in print jobs.
  • Identify devices that are potentially underutilized or with specific functionality that can be moved to help meet changing business needs.
  • Access critical fleet information—status, configuration, alerts, groups, supplies, and troubleshooting—on a single screen.

IT managers and CIOs want to stay in control of budgets and ongoing costs. With HP Web Jetadmin advanced reporting tools, you can identify the following:

Who is printing? What type of jobs? What is color vs. black-and-white usage? Are devices over- or underutilized? Is usage increasing or decreasing month-to-month? If yes, what is driving demand?

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