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Description: Weedle is a website that enables you to connect with people who need your skill. You can create a free skill page where you can showcase any skill, expertise or talent that you have. Weedle enables you to easily promote your skill to your family, friends, social and professional contacts – so that they will be more likely to use you and to recommend you.

Plus the next time someone is searching for your skill they will see how they are connected with you and which of their friends and contacts has recommended you. We all prefer to do business with people we know.

Weedle is a particularly good way of increasing your visibility on Google. Already Weedle is working for thousands of people: try searching on Google for “Babysitter, Cashel” or a “Radio Presenter, Dublin” or a “Tax Specialist, San Francisco” and you’ll see that a Weedle skill page is returned number one.

So not only are you promoting your skills to your friends and contacts, but to everyone in the World searching for your skill.

What makes it different? Certainly there are lots of social tools to promote your skills, but Weedle is different in that it:

Who is using? The site boasts users from more than 50 countries. Actual user numbers aren't make public, but after spending a few minutes on the site, it felt like I was the only person not listed.

Ease of use: Very easy. First establish a profile, add a couple of skills with references and then "tap" into some other users. Weedle works very logically.

Time to maintain: A few minutes a week should allow you to maintain connections and respond to messages. If you use the site to search for needed skills, then it will take a little longer – but it works so smoothly it can't take very long. Imagine Google with only relevant information and free of spam and broken links. This is Weedle.

The focus is on individual skills, not on companies. It is an amazing tool to find freelance work, or maybe your next job.

Bottom line: If you are a brand-of-one then you should be listed. Really, why wouldn't you claim your page and get listed? Either you are currently looking to make connections or will be. It's worth the 30 minutes to setup your page.

They are getting some impressive Google results – and they are still new. This is a site to watch – and one to get listed on.

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