Oranda fish

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Description: Information about Exotic Goldfish

Ideal Orandas should have compact egg-shapped bodies. The body depth should be equal to 2/3 the body length, and the body should be wide.

All orandas have Wen. They should have a well developed half-hood covering only the top of their head. Some growth on the cheeks is acceptable and desired, but many Orandas have growth only on the top of their heads. Even with a full hood however, the wen on an Oranda should be heavier on the top, as opposed to a Lionhead which has heavier growth on the cheeks and gill plates.

All Orandas have Dorsal fins. All other fins should be paired, and the Caudal fin should be fully divided. Orandas come in all major fin types, but the most common seems to be the fringetail or ribbontail (Fantail finnage is frowned upon). The fins should conform to whatever the standard is for the fin type the Oranda has. As with most other breeds, color saturation of the fins is desirable.

The demand for Orandas with well developed wen has lead to the breeding of some specimens with outrageously large headgrowth. It should be well developed, but not overdeveloped. The fish should be able to see, and the wen should not be so large as to cover its eyes and it should be able to breathe.

Tigerheads are normal Orandas with full hoods. they basically look like Lionheads with dorsal fins. The wen is more even across the face as opposed to being heavy on the top, as with regular Orandas. Tigerheads first appeared around the late 1800s. These are relatively rare in America.

Redcap Orandas are white Orandas with Tancho coloration; completely white except for a red circle on their head directly above their eyes. Combined with their wen, it gives the appearance of an exposed brain. Redcap orandas are very popular in America, and high quality specimens are available even in chain stores.

Pom Pom Orandas (also called "hana Fusa") are normal Orandas that also have nasal bouquets like a Pom Pom goldfish. They otherwise conform to Oranda standards.

Dragon Eyes are telescope versions of Orandas. They conform to the same standards as Orandas but have telespe eyes.

Goosehead Orandas are like regular Orandas but the wen is very tall (growing directly away from the skull. it does not grow outward over the skull)

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