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Description: Delicious Prepared Meals Delivery!'s healthy, delicious frozen meals are quick to prepare & ideal for senior meals and for busy families.'s healthy, chef-prepared meals are created using top-quality fresh produce and ingredients to ensure you receive delicious, nutritious meals that are quick to prepare. The meals arrive on your doorstep frozen. All you have to do is defrost, heat and serve!

Monday to Friday – 9AM central to 9PM Central time Holidays and weekends – Best Effort Phone Answering

Value Priced: Our ready made meals are a reasonably priced alternative to going out - no tips, no reservations required, just great food when you want it! Try out our fast food delivery!

Delicious: All dishes are chef-prepared, fully-cooked, and flash-frozen to preserve all of the wonderful flavors.

Nutritious: We prepare our Prepared Meals Delivered without preservatives, (except as required by the USDA), using only the freshest ingredients.

Convenience: No pots or pans! Our healthy premade meals heat up in the customer packages they come in- just microwave or bake in the oven for delicious perfection. Great meals for seniors or families!

Our meals are handmade in small batches without preservatives. All ingredients are sourced within the USA and all products are prepared 100% in the USA.

Year-round Turkey Dinner Delivered at Think of us for Thanksgiving Meal Delivery and Christmas Dinner Delivery. Our quality and reliable customer service will make you glad you did!

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