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Description: Posts about racial defilement written by Nordic Anti Semite

What the Jews call ‘humanity’ is actually divided into independent races, which when they breed with themselves, reproduce themselves. Racial mixing produces degenerate hybrids, as every person is made up of traits, inferior and superior, superior traits being recently evolved, are always recessive, and get cancelled out when you breed back to the apes. The original set of superior traits, come only from one race, the Nordic Race.

The Nordic Race is the most developed and progressive race, it is our race, and is in danger of becoming extinct. The whole Germanic people have a Nordic origin, with many harmonious facial types, that correspond with behaviour and mind, occurring over national boundaries. There is always a resemblance in the face, which denotes tribal kinship, to the Nordic origin, from whence we came, our Humanity. It is a Jewish lie that we have anything in common with anyone else. Similarities are results of crossing.

This Nordic’s ancestors have mingled with Asians. You can still see her likeness to her origin. She is one of us, not one of them.

There is a distinct Germanic Face, a likeness in all our individuals, denoting where we came from. Some are more or less pure. The pure Germanic face would be the pure Nordic face, as close as to Cro-Magnon, the highest and healthiest we got, before we had any intermixture. The Germanic face can only sustain what is already in the Germanic peoples without decline. Those that cease to become Germanic, through cross breeding, only pollute the blood.

A Germanic person of one facial type can have a child of another facial type, and these individuals can resemble exactly Germanic people who by generations removed are not closely related, but genetically are closely related. They can resemble their cousins through race although many hundreds of years apart (one might be Danish, the other English, sharing no common ancestors within one thousand years etc.) provided that there has been no inclusion in the blood, with anything non Germanic. These people should find each other and produce children. There are many types floating in the Nordic Folk just waiting to perpetuate themselves in the coming generations. This group of individuals, who share blood and can give rebirth to all those that were born before are blood of our blood, they are our extended family. Your blood is not just yours; it belongs to your ancestors and those yet to come. The people’s bloodstream is something the Jews seek eagerly to corrupt. We are an organism that deserves to live together.

An inferior vermin like, rat like, parasitic race, the Jews, who come from an Asiatic origin, and are worse than Niggers, but whose intermixture has allowed them to complain just as much, but be listened to want to mix us with another primal race, negroes, who descend only from an extinct ape common ancestor. They say this doesn’t matter as in ‘evolutionary terms we are still very closely related’. What the Jews omit however, is that this is true when you compare any mammal to algae.

Some Jews may look almost like us today, but you can always see the non-European features. The faces they have picked up are only a disguise, as they carry their original subhuman soul.

As we are swamped by foreign races, any inclusion of this blood is going to destroy forever Nordic humanity. The Jews will not let us have any area or any place to ourselves as they slander it with needs more diversity, inclusion, more multiculturalism etc. as has recently happened to my area.

Other races are stuffing up the Nordic bloodlines. Families need to protect it. We need a homeland in which to do this, to again repopulate. We will not breed with anyone else.

This is why the Nordic Race needs to become a Nation again. The Nordic Race is being deliberately oppressed by International Jewry. The Jew Orgs that afflict our countries and write policies for our governments, that we hate, which exist only to racially engineer the people into a more desired herd animal for the Jews are not going to go away.

This is not a ‘Ponzi Scheme’, they can keep it going as long as they like. Nobody is there to keep them to account anymore.

Jews have a free reign over the future of mankind, but there is another way. Racial purity was intended by the creator of the universe, or evolution, male and female, and race would not exist. Jews go directly against nature.

Currently, the Jew controls and dominates the entire world. You are not supposed to notice the Jew. As soon as you do you are ‘evil’ and ‘anti-Semetic’. He has to rule over us, and you have to like it, or you will be killed. You have no choice but to read the media and agree with everything, or else you go mad. But people who read media and mindlessly agree are deficient. Everyone else is being culled. It is complete mind control with no culture, no identity allowed. Our race is dying out as more agreeable, more servile, consumer mongrels replace us.

Great genetic decline is being imposed onto humanity. The Jewish quest for domination over the earth is resulting in destruction of everything.

The Nordic Race demands self-sufficiency again and our own space. This will inevitably come up with resistance by the Jew. Our system and our policies have nothing to do with the Jew, and any opposition to our plans only proves the genocidal nature of the Jew. Our racial purity and our racial survival is only our business and our imperative.

If people are not racists there is no reason to breed within your race and nobody is because of Jewish pressure. Racism is natural, it is ordained by nature. Races were always meant do live on their own. Pure races produce culture, races together or races mixed produce stagnation, poverty and troubles.

History shows no examples of a race surviving only as isolated and scattered individuals left to age and die around the world.

The Nordic Race has a parallel origin, and is defiled on any cross. Racial Mixing is Racial Defilement and the Recessive nature of Nordic Genetics proves we are a pure race, undergoing damage, devolving from our purity. We want to stop and reverse this damage.

To get away from the Jew and the Gullible Sheep we as members of the Nordic Race seek to establish a New Nordic Nation

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