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Description: Current mountain dulcimer 1-3-5 mountain dulcimer tablature arrangement "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling"

The American public was pleasantly surprised in 1901 by the publication of a sentimental lullaby called Mighty Lak’ a Rose. with music by an American classical musician named Ethelbert Nevin and lyrics by a nationally popular poet named Frank L. Stanton. The song was immediately popular, and eventually sung by many prominent singers over the ensuing 100-plus years. The original lyrics were written in “a phonetic approximation of an Irish immigrant accent”, intended to convey an ethnic tone to the words. The lyrics and title have changed over the years as shown in this selection. Brief biographies of the composer and lyricist appear in the first two Historical Links below.

About the music: This is a beautiful and tender melody that should be played rather slowly. There is a good deal of repetition of phrasing, which simplifies learning of the fingering patterns.

Where half-notes appear, you may simply hold the tone for two beats, or play an extra timing beat as shown in the tab.

This is one of the world’s most famous lullabies, and we are pleased to present it here as a dulcimer arrangement for your enjoyment.

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