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Description: Providing penetration testing & internet security compliance to help companies assess and defend against internet security threats.

KRYPSYS is an information security company with a focus on helping you defend your information and data against emerging security threats.

Our company is built around our combined experience in the Information and IT security field. We have been at the forefront of the market for several leading technologies and services in the IT security industry including: web application security, network security. penetration testing. data encryption and security compliance consulting. Our consultants are very active in the IT security community and are regular presenters at industry events such as The e-Crime congress and PCI London.

KRYPSYS services are focused on helping you assess your security posture against current and evolving security threats and educating you on the risks to which you are exposed. We have a wealth of experience in security projects in both the public and private sectors and have worked with organisations to protect high value information assets such as trading platforms, e-commerce systems, data-centres and cloud services. Projects often include the implementation of or compliance with security standards such as ISO 27001. ISO 22301, PCI as well as other government and financial regulations.

We also work with leading IT security vendors and specialist consultancies to close the gaps in your own IT security strategy and to assist in streamlining and prioritising your risk management spending.

We would welcome the opportunity to work with you as part of your security management team and we look forward speaking to you about your security challenges.

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