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Description: Learn equities, E-minis and options trading and technical analysis strategies from Online Trading Academy instructor, Josip Causic.

After being accepted to the Graduate school, Josip Causic realized that most of his professors, his future role models and his mentors were financially insecure despite their extensive education. “Obtaining a doctorate certainly does not equal financial stability.” This realization caused him to change course from achieving an additional and higher academic degree into becoming financially literate.

Early on he realized that market psychology was a major part of trading, yet it was after an encounter with former market makers that he merged his retail trading experience with the methods used by floor traders. This gave him an immediate edge. At this juncture he came to Online Trading Academy for fine-tuning. He bought all the programs Online Trading Academy offered with the intention of becoming a member of the Instructor pool.

Josip is very excited to collaborate with Online Trading Academy, for he strongly believes in the MISSION OF TRANSFORMING LIVES. He has stated his firm belief that any student-trader who is both willing and open-minded enough to embark on a journey of personal growth through trading will mature beyond his wildest expectations. He goes on to conclude that those traders who are persistent enough to adapt to the constantly changing economic landscape will become examples for future young traders the world over.

In class, Josip uses his hands-on experience of options trading, both directional and volatility plays, to teach students to be successful traders. He particularly loves to focus on teaching the risk adverse options strategies, such as time spreads and Iron Condors.

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