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Description: Well it took some doing but I finally picked up Microsoft's SideWinder Force Feedback Pro Joystick. After all the hype and rave reviews I was set to see if this device lived up to all it has been

Well it took some doing but I finally picked up Microsoft's SideWinder Force Feedback Pro Joystick. After all the hype and rave reviews I was set to see if this device lived up to all it has been made out to be.

With its 16-bit onboard processor as well as Microsoft's digital-optical technology to add the sensation of touch to the game experience, this device provides true-to-life feedback right from subtle sensations to raw power forces. You experience multiple forces simultaneously and even feel which direction the forces come from. With over one million sold Microsoft has indeed taken serious gamers to a new level.

  • Forces for every game genre - Erase the line between you and your game. Feel as many as 100 or more forces-from subtle sensations to rugged power forces-in every game that supports force feedback technology.
  • 16-bit on-stick processor - Be more competitive with powerful on-stick processing which provides rapid information transfer between your joystick and your game.
  • Multilayered forces - Swear you're in the game when multiple forces hit you simultaneously the onboard processor in SideWinder ensures optimal feedback.
  • Adjustable force levels - Choose the amount of force feedback you want to feel for each game-or turn it off entirely.
  • Adjustable spring forces - Feel accurate fluid stick movements with Force Feedback Pro's adjustable electronic spring tension.
  • Single port connections - Install your stick easily with one simple game port connector.
  • Direct handle sensing system - Feel Force Feedback Pro react to every move you make- On-stick sensors, unlike on-motor sensors, capture even the most subtle moves.
  • Force Feedback RAM - Play with maximum speed - On-stick RAM computes and stores forces on the spot.
  • Programmable functions - Program your best moves to the 8 joystick buttons, using advanced GDP (Game Device Profiler) software. For twice the functionality, use the new shift button (in supported games).
  • Shift button - Double the functionality of your buttons, hat switch, throttle wheel, trigger, and handle movements (in supported games).
  • Game Device Profiler (GDP) software - Optimize Force Feedback Pro for your gaming style by programming keystrokes, keystrings and chords to single joystick buttons. Save winning profiles to use again and share with friends.
  • Adjustable sensitivity curve in GDP - Tighten your control by making large stick movements equal to small ones to fit the game you're playing.
  • Swap axis setting in GDP - Make the most of every move by choosing whether to use the handle to rotate or move left to right in your games.
  • Emulator setting in GDP - Emulate a CH Flight Stick Pro or ThrustMaster in DOS boxes running under Windows 95.
  • Digital-optical technology - Meet the challenges of any game. The digital-optical camera built into Force Feedback Pro provides pinpoint accuracy, optimal speed, and no drift.
  • Digital overdrive under Windows 95 - React faster to the gaming action as digital overdrive helps Force Feedback Pro communicate more quickly with your PC.
  • Continuously correct calibration - Forget having to recalibrate. Microsoft digital-optical technology has no moving parts, so there's no need to readjust.
  • Digital-optical durability - Get the advantage of optical parts, which move without friction so there's less wear and tear.
  • New ergonomic design - Play in comfort. Extensive usability testing makes Force Feedback Pro the clear joystick choice.
  • Play with confidence - Play with confidence, knowing Microsoft stands behind your SideWinder Force Feedback Pro.

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