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Description: There are many factors to consider when choosing a TV, such as screen size and style. And when a television doesn’t work, a repair pro can help determine whether to fix or replace.

With so many options on the market, shopping for a TV can be intimidating. There are dozens of brands and types to choose from, but finding the television that best suits your needs is easier when you know where to start. Here are some basic considerations when it's time to consider buying a new TV set:

Location. Decide where you'll place the television. Will you use a stand or mount the TV on the wall? Then, examine where you will sit to watch it. Measure the space where you'll set up the TV as well as the distance between the seating area and the screen's location. Ideally, there should be about four to eight feet between you and the television. Write down the measurements and take them when you shop, to help you decide what size set will work best.

Picture quality. There are several picture options to choose from, including LCD, plasma and rear projection. Visit a store where you can see different kinds of TVs side-by-side and get a first-hand sense of the look and sound you prefer.

Screen types. Flat screens are available in LCD and plasma. LCD screens come in various sizes, have good picture quality and use less electricity than plasma screens but sometimes have problems with the color or contrast ratio not being set correctly. Plasma screens come in various sizes and have good picture quality. Rear-projection screens tend to be larger, taking up more room, and the color is sometimes duller than with a plasma or LCD.

Basic setup. Your new TV will come with step-by-step instructions for setup.  If you have a cable box or satellite and have trouble hooking up the TV, contact your local cable or satellite company for help.

Let there be no doubt that television plays a starring role in the life of the average U.S. child, according to these statistics from the Parents Television Council :

The question of how much TV kids should watch, or what they should view, is a matter of opinion, research and debate. But one thing that's clear is that parents should consider how the television itself can be a hazard, especially for younger children. Here are some childproofing tips:

• Place the set inside an armoire or mount it on the wall out of a child's reach. Keep the armoire or cabinet door shut when the TV's not in use. Be sure to anchor tall furniture to the wall to reduce the chance of a tipover.

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