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Description: Introduction to site templates

A site template is a file that dictates the overall look and feel of a site. It includes all of the design information about a site, such as:

Members of the site Owners group and users with Design permissions to the site template gallery can customize a site and save the customized site as a site template, so that other users in the site collection can create similar sites later. When a user creates a new subsite, he or she can choose from the combined list of site templates available on the server or on the site collection. Administrators of a site collection can also import a site template that another user or software vendor creates and can add the new template to the available site templates in the site collection.

Template files include personal information, such as server URLs and user account names. Only share template files with trusted users and groups.

Page layouts help dictate the overall look and feel of a Web page. A page layout relies on a content type to determine the kind of content that can be stored on pages that use the page layout. Content for the page is stored in fields on the page. When you view or edit a page, the content is displayed in field controls. When you create a page layout, you add field controls using a Windows SharePoint Services-compatible Web authoring tool, such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007.

The types of fields on a page are determined by the content type for the page. Each content type contains columns that correspond to the fields on the page. When you create a content type, you add column templates to the content type for each field. Column templates determine the default field control that is associated with the columns as well as the kind of content the field can contain, such as a single line of text, a hyperlink, or a picture.

Content types for page layouts are based on the Page content type and contain the columns for the fields that can be used on pages based on the page layout. The Page content type is a system content type template created by the Publishing Resources feature. The column templates from Page will be added to all Pages libraries created by the Publishing feature.

By default, the Page content type contains a number of columns that page layouts require. The following table describes a sample of these default columns.

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