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Description: BlueStar’s VARTECH2008 Conference & Trade Show Is a Tremendous Success. VARTECH remains “The Must-Attend Show” in POS, AIDC, Mobility and RFID Distribution - PR10125942

Oct. 7, 2008 - PRLog -- Florence, KY—BlueStar, the leading innovator in solutions-based distribution for Auto ID, Point-of-Sale, Mobility, and RFID products, is announcing the tremendous success of its VARTECH2008 Conference & Trade Show in Orlando, FL, September 15-17, 2008.

Once again, VARTECH attendance was up significantly. This year’s show boasted more exhibitors of best-of-breed software, hardware, and service solutions for the Point-of-Sale, AIDC, RFID, Mobility, Government, and Security verticals. And with the increase in BlueStar’s Value-Added Reseller traffic at CodeZone, the show floor became a haven for networking, partnering, and informal demonstrations.

“VARTECH2008 was a door-opening event for the future of the POS and AIDC reseller channel. Resellers received first-rate advice from keynote speaker Bruce Stuart's presentation on reseller growth modeling, were treated to Microsoft's premiere introduction of Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009, and were introduced to BlueStar's groundbreaking "Green Initiative” from Group Midwest. I am not aware of any event this year where resellers could have experienced these initiatives under one roof. Our follow-up response from VARTECH attendees has been amazing,” says Steve Cuntz, BlueStar President and CEO.

“VARTECH2008’ s theme was Connect, Communicate, and Celebrate. Our hardware and software vendors executed that message by providing our Value-Added Resellers with new solutions, cutting-edge technology, and enhanced business-development programs to secure incremental new business. In an investment-activity- results world, a business must continue to invest in marketing and sales activities to generate the desired results. VARTECH’ s keynote address by Channelcorp’ s Bruce Stuart highlighted how BlueStar’s FUSION educational initiative for VARs can assist them in doing just that,” says Mark Fraker, BlueStar VP of Marketing.

Terry Selkirk, co-founder of Genesis POS, stated: “VARTECH’s CodeZone gives me the ability to go and look at specific pieces of equipment that we’re looking at integrating into our solutions. I also like interacting with the manufacturer’ s reps so we know who we’re talking to on the phone and we know these people will help us match our software with the right piece of equipment for a solution.”

David Gosman, CEO for pcAmerica, expresses his appreciation for VARTECH2008: “VARTECH was a hit for pcAmerica. The show had the perfect mix of business, education, and fun. We made several new VAR and vendor contacts during CodeZone, the classes, and informally at the events or out and about in the evenings. It was an energetic show and the best event I’ve been to all year.”

Christophe Naaz, Marketing Director for Star Micronics, gives a vendor perspective: “VARTECH2008 was surely the best VARTECH event ever for Star Micronics. Well organized, well attended, and in a wonderful resort. BlueStar really takes care of their vendors and VARs with fabulous networking events and entertainment, and best of all, VARTECH brings plenty of new opportunities. We definitely felt at home. VARTECH is the ‘must attend’ show of the year for Star Micronics!”

Outside the CodeZone entrance, attendees received demonstrations of BlueStar’s FUSION business-development program, where resellers created their own marketing and business-development materials through the FUSION portal.

A keynote address from channel industry consultant Bruce Stuart of Channelcorp, explained to attendees how utilizing the value-added services within BlueStar’s FUSION program will help grow their business while saving time and money achieving “go-to-market” strategies and tactics.

In addition, VARTECH2008 featured invaluable educational seminars with industry experts in seven different verticals to help attendees stay up-to-date on the newest industry trends, solutions, and technologies.

VARTECH2008’ s evening events expanded networking opportunities at the show, and added an entertainment component. These included the Star Micronics-sponsored South Beach reception, EPSON and Toshiba TEC-sponsored Margaritaville party, and the Elo TouchSystems- sponsored Luau and Closing and Award Reception.

BlueStar’s annual VARTECH convention is a combination conference and trade show for those in POS, AIDC, RFID, and Mobility that unites many Value-Added Resellers, industry manufacturers, and BlueStar employees. It's a constructive forum for Value-Added Resellers to get “up-close and personal,” while cultivating rewarding relationships with hardware manufacturers and software solution providers. For more information, please visit:

BlueStar is a leading global solutions-based distributor of Point-of-Sale, Bar Coding, Data Collection, RFID, and Wireless Mobility products. BlueStar works exclusively with VAR Partners, providing them with complete solutions at competitive prices. The company brings unequaled expertise to the market, offers award-winning technical support and is an authorized service center for a growing number of manufacturers. For more information about BlueStar, please contact a BlueStar Account Executive or log on to

BlueStar is a leading solutions-based distributor of Point-of-Sale, barcoding, data collection, radio frequency identification (RFID), and wireless mobility products. BlueStar works exclusively with VAR Partners.

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Aljen Gallery - aljengallery

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