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Liposuction is a growing trend in America. As obesity becomes a growing epidemic, more and more people are receiving liposuction treatments each year. The main areas treated with liposuction include hips, thighs, chin, abdomen, back, knees, and male breasts. There are many factors that figure in to a liposuction procedure. From risks to recovery, information is key in any medical decision. Specifically, Vaser liposuction has emerged as one of the safer, more preferred procedures that doctors prefer. Although Vaser is not a means of losing many pounds of fat, it is a safe and non-invasive means of treating small trouble areas.

The most important questions to ask are those that deal with risk and side effects. With any surgery there are risks. Any time the body is punctured or opened up, the biggest risk is infection. Liposuction patients also may suffer second or third degree burns from the cannula movement, and possibly deep tissue damage from the heat of an internal Ultrasound device. With Vaser, however, the Ultrasound is external and there is minimal risk of infection. Risks for a Vaser Liposuction are relatively nonexistent when in comparison to traditional methods. Many patients don’t even feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure and most only suffer minor pain and bruising as the body recovers.

Traditional liposuction methods involve breaking up fat cells with solutions, ultrasound waves, and/ or laser equipment. The surgeons then use an aspirator (suction device) and a cannula (hollow tube) to literally suck the fat cells out of your body through small incisions. Many times, liposuction is used in tandem with a tummy tuck as a substantial loss in fat cells in the abdomen area leaves a large portion of skin that has stretched to fit the bulk of the fat cells. Traditional liposuction is for people who are looking to drastically decrease fat cells in their body. This type of procedure takes several hours, followed by a short amount of post-op time. The recovery time, however is far more painful and uncomfortable than Vaser liposuction. The use of a compression garment is employed for two to four weeks, and displeasing realities such as fat leaking and extensive bruising must be endured.

For people looking for a little help with minor fatty areas can choose a less invasive method such as Vaser liposuction. On average, a vaser liposuction procedure typically only takes a few hours. At first the surgeon fills your body with a saline liquid. Next, ultrasound waves are emitted at the fat cells externally. Most doctors prefer external ultrasound even in surgical liposuction as it limits problems such as killing skin and internal burns. The ultrasound waves liquify the fat cells. After the fat cells in the treatment areas have been liquified the doctor sucks the fat cells and the solution out of the body. In short the fat cells are simply liquified and flushed out of you.

The cost of Liposuction varies by region, doctor, and extent of the procedure, however the national average for a Vaser liposuction is between five thousand and ten thousand dollars. Most people are very pleased with the results of their Vaser liposuction procedure. According to patients and doctors that have taken part in a Vaser procedure, removed fat from problem areas is gone and it doesn’t come back. Some warn of water retention directly following the procedure, but only temporarily. If there is weight gain after a procedure it is dispersed globally, so there is little worry that the fat will accumulate at the area of the liposuction.

Recovery from the procedure varies from patient to patient. Obviously, the more fat removed from a person and the amount of areas worked on will determine the length of recovery, but most people recover in under a couple weeks with the most pressing issue being minor discomfort and bruising. Unlike surgical liposuction, no compression garment is needed, and there is absolutely no post op recovery time. Many people are in and out of a Vaser liposuction in the same day. Some patients even claim absolutely no bruising and almost no discomfort.

There are alternative methods to losing weight. The most obvious and avoided of these, is diet and exercise. It is cheap, and healthy. Removing fat from your superficial problem areas is not quite as important as keeping your arteries free or avoiding the slippery slope to Diabetes. Proper diet and exercise is the first move in a healthy and beautiful body. Vaser liposuction and Invasive liposuction are procedures in conjunction with proper diet and exercise Other forms of liposuction are mainly surgical procedures that run far greater risks like infection, burns, and even death. Unfortunately, if you are looking for a solution to more than just minor fat areas, than surgical liposuction is probably a better solution than Vaser. Vaser is a non-invasive procedure which is a safe alternative to traditional liposuction, but being non-invasive makes it far less effective than traditional liposuction. The risks and recovery time are much less troubling, but depending on the extent of liposuction you need or want, Vaser may or may not be a viable option to you as a patient.

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