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Description: Find the top Film/Video & Cinematography schools, degree programs, colleges and training for starting your Film/Video & Cinematography career, including courses offered, tuition and admission requirements.

Film/Video & Cinematography majors learn how to create films and videos for television networks, multimedia firms, film studios, advertising agencies and more. Programs are available at technical schools, career colleges, community colleges, 4-year colleges and universities. Usually Film/Video & Cinematography majors seek bachelors degrees, but certificates, associates degrees and masters degrees are offered as well.

Students who enroll in a Film/Video & Cinematography program take courses in camera operation, lighting, production, editing techniques and more. Passionate and creative personalities thrive in the film industry since it’s typically competitive and cutthroat. Good communication skills are important since you’ll need to explain your vision to others. An interest in art and an understanding of color, composition and light will help in this major, too.

If you’re considering the Film/Video & Cinematography major, explore other Communication & Media options including Advertising; Animation & Video Graphics; Audiovisual Technician; Broadcast Journalism; Commercial & Advertising Art; Communication and Media Studies; Communication Studies/Speech Communication and Rhetoric; Communication, Journalism and Related Programs; Design & Visual Communications; Design and Applied Arts; Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia; General Journalism; Graphic Design; Health Communication; Illustration; Mass Communication/ Media Studies; Organizational Communication; Other Journalism; Photography; Photojournalism; Political Communication; Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication; Public Relations/Image Management; Publishing; Publishing & Digital Imaging; Radio & Television Technician; Radio and Television; Radio, Television, and Digital Communication and Recording Arts Technology.

When selecting a Film/Video & Cinematography program at technical school, career college, community college, 4-year college or university, take a closer look at course requirements. If you want a career in a specific area of Film/Video & Cinematography, broadcast news production or directing documentaries for example, find a school that offers classes in your area of interest. You should also make sure the equipment and labs you’ll use in classes are in line with the latest technologies.

Because most Film/Video & Cinematography careers don’t have a minimum education requirement, certificate and associate career training degrees are popular. Offered at technical schools, career colleges, community colleges, 4-year colleges and universities, these programs give students the tools to land their first job in the field. Students can expect courses in editing theory, camera operation, production, lighting and film history.

Camera operators usually need a bachelors degree to master the technical skills needed for the job. Technical school, college and university bachelors degrees in Film/Video & Cinematography are becoming increasingly popular for other careers as well. Because the field is so competitive, a 4-year degree can give you an edge in the job hunt. The extra education will give you an opportunity to study more advanced screenwriting, directing, cinematic storytelling, computer editing, film theory and art history.

Film/Video & Cinematography masters degree programs are offered at a few technical schools, career colleges and universities. Usually students in these programs go on to high-level careers such as directing.

If you want to study Film/Video & Cinematography in college, learn about the business during high school by filling your Netflix queue with Oscar award-winning movies and art house films. You should also try your hand at directing a school play or working behind the scenes on lighting or filming the production. Take classes in art, drama, photography and art history. A part time job at a camera or audio/video store can help you learn the basics of the technical equipment.

Like many careers in Communication & Media, Film/Video & Cinematography careers are usually competitive because of the glamour associated with the industry. Jobs in movie and television production will be tough to score, but you may be able to start out in documentaries, broadcast news, education, business or government more easily.

Film/Video & Cinematography majors find careers working as camera operators, sound engineers, videographers, screenwriters and more. Film and video editors typically make hourly wages between $24 and $27 while producers and directors earn $31 to $41 an hour. With experience and hard work, you can boost your earning potential considerably.

Some Film/Video & Cinematography majors end up working in related careers as Advertising and Promotions Managers, Art Directors, Broadcast Technicians, Commercial and Industrial Designers and Desktop Publishers.

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