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Description: Get a clear and lightweight custom skin for the new web based HTML WYSIWYG editor TinyMCE 4.

Being used as the default text editor in WordPress, TinyMCE is probably the most popular online WYSIWYG HTML editing tool out there. Just recently, TinyMCE was released in version 4, which we already have implemented in our forum and in our back end.

The new TinyMCE has a modern look, much alike the custom skin provided by WordPress. On Pixabay, we wanted something even simpler and clearer than that, and so we've created our own lightweight custom skin that we hereby release under the free software license GPLv2 .

Our theme may be modified and used freely in other projects. Note, however, there is no guarantee for any bugs. This skin is optimized for usage in all modern browsers and for Internet Explorer down to version 8. It works in Internet Explorer 7, but has some display bugs in the editor's popup dialogues.

First, extract the content of our provided zip file into the skins folder of your TinyMCE installation, e.g. /tinymce/skins/. You should now have a new folder called "light" inside this directory, and you may select the custom skin when initializing TinyMCE, like this:

Our "light" skin is largely based on the default theme "lightgray" provided by Moxiecode/TinyMCE. Changes were only made to "skin.min.css" in the form of overriding CSS directives at the bottom of the stylesheet.

Line one of our CSS code makes sure that all border radius properties of TinyMCE are set to 0 - we didn't want to have any round corners in our theme. If you feel differently about that, simply remove this directive and you'll get TinyMCE's default rounded borders.

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