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Description: The Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera and Alfa Romeo partnership has resulted in some of the most exclusive Alfa Romeo racers of all time.

Carrozzeria Touring is a design house that is responsible for some of the most impressive Alfa Romeos to ever grace the raceway including the 8C, the 2500, the 1900 SS (Super Sprint), the 2000, the 2600 convertible, the GTC, and the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante.

Carrozzeria became famous for their Superleggera, or super lightweight, construction techniques just prior to World War II. This patented system uses thin steel tubes to create the body's shape with hand-hammered alloy panels adding strength to the framework, much like aircraft construction. The result is a lightweight auto that also has a flexibility of design to deliver innovative body shapes. This unique construction method was used in individual and limited series models, including the Alfa Romeo 1900 Super Sprint, the Alfa Romeo 8C 2900, and the Alfa Romeo 2600.

The 1935 Touring Alfa 8C 2900A debuted at the London Motor Show. This auto was specifically designed to compete in sports car races, particularly the Mille Miglia. Only ten 2900A's were ever built; five in 1935 and five more the following year. Three of the autos were entered into the Mille Miglia race in both 1936 and 1937. In 1936, they took the top three finishing spots. In 1937, two of the vehicles finished first and second.   Construction began on the Touring 8C 2900B in 1937. This design was available in two wheelbases - "Corto" (short) and "Lungo" (long). Between 1937 and 1938, 22 of these automobiles were built. Touring's Alfa Romeo 2900B "Lungo" was considered the fastest car in the world at the time. Four Alfa 8C 2900B's were entered into the 1938 Mille Miglia, where two of them took first and second place.   In 1941, one last 8C 2900B was constructed from parts. With less than 40 ever constructed, the Alfa 8C 2900 remains one of the most exclusive Alfa Romeos ever.

Carrozzeria Touring designed the Alfa concept car, the Disco Volante in 2012 for debut at the Geneva Auto Show. Inspired by the Touring-designed Alfa Romeo C52, the concept vehicle featured a front-central engine and transaxle drivetrain. The two-seater coupe was so wildly received that it is now being coach built by the company in Milan in a very limited series for collectors and aficionados. The Disco Volante takes elements from many of the most popular Alfas of the past. The rolling chassis and drivetrain are taken from the Alfa 8C Competizione. The design screams Berlinetta and the C52 heritage is evident in every curve and line of the design.

With Touring Superleggera playing such an important role in the history of the Alfa Romeo brand, it is only fitting that the coach builder's 1952 Disco Volante design was chosen to celebrate Alfa Romeo's 100th anniversary in 2010. Today, a bronze sculpture depicting the 1952 Disco Volante stands outside Alfa headquarters in Milan, a physical reminder of the lengthy and successful partnership the two companies share.

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