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Description: Classic ALFA ROMEO ALFASUD TI 1978 (Project) for sale in Warickshire with Classic & Sports Car Classifieds, the UK's best online classic car classifieds.

We recently had a death in the family and I was asked to sell his collection of projects, of which this is the last.

I only know the info from the logbook, all I can say is that this car has sat in a dark, dirty factory for years.

If I'm honest, we were going to scrap it, as the key is snapped in the ignition, the condition you can see from the pics. The bloke who owned it said it was scrap before he died.

I had a classic car dealer come up to look at another car (now gone) and he asked what info I had on the car, as said, I've just got the logbook info, when I told him it was a 1978 Alfasud TI 13.5l lt, he started to look at it.

He said the front wings always go, so that was not an issue, the rear arches were going (again, normal) then said in its current condition was worth 1k, Alfa's were "Not his thing though"

I've put the mileage down as 104,000 purely because that was the mileage of one of his other cars, I will update the mileage as soon as I find out.

No rush to sell, as the car is in a factory, so not in the way. So please no silly offers, it would be nice for her to go someone who will bring her back, or even use bits to save another.

The car is sold as seen in the pics, but there are a lot of car parts at the factory, there was a TVR, Mini GT a Land Rover and Bentley stored at the factory and there are various bits from all those cars lying around.

The boot was full of bits as well, but with no key not been able to get into it, but will try and get in through the back seats and update the advert next week if anything worth mentioning is there.

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