Audi A4 1-8 T Quattro Tiptronic

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Description: Hey there, I have read many posts on here and other forums about sluggish acceleration and I'm trying to get some direct answers and/or insight on my

Hey there, I have read many posts on here and other forums about sluggish acceleration and I'm trying to get some direct answers and/or insight on my issues. Basically, the problem is when at a stop, my car moves SO SLOW. Snailing along until turbo begins to spool and I still accelerate slowly. I understand my car only has 150hp and it's definitely no S4, but I know when something is wrong. It's been a real damper on my mileage and self-esteem. My A4 is completely stock. No aftermarket diverter valve or anything, which i am aware I should replace ASAP.

Anyways, I'm thinking it's a boost leak. What are the most common areas to keep an eye out? I heard the diverter valve is common to fail. Before I do a boost leak test, I'm trying to do anything that could solve or make the problem apparent. My first step is cleaning the MAF. I currently do not have a CEL so I'm hoping if i clean it it'll give me a correct reading. After that I will proceed to get a boost gauge to test for a leak. If a leak is apparent via gauge, I will run the test. If not, should I run the test anyways? Say I have no leak, what should my next step be? Should I see if the throttle body (drive by wire) needs correcting? Is it possible my car is stuck on a lower fuel mapping therefore I am running rich?

the sluggish acceleration seems to get worse by the weather. The colder it is, the longer it takes to get up to speed. This issue made me believe it could've been the transmission. I've been considering getting it flushed and fluid replaced, but I've heard the fluid lasts a life time. Does anyone have correct information on that?

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