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The Chevrolet Blazer S10 was first manufactured in 1983 and lasted up until 2005. When it came as a pioneering compact SUV then, it was built and made available only with a two-door body style. However, a four-door option was produced later on. The Blazer S10 was based on the S10 compact pickup, but it managed to make its own impact with its rough, squared-off look. But despite being known for its reliability, this SUV had some problems that stirred a certain degree of discontent among owners. Issues in the following components are the most common:

The main problem with the Blazer S10's transmission is that either it shifts late or it doesn't shift at all. A stuck throttle valve was found to be stuck inside the transmission. Another problem that usually occurs in this part is a leaking output seal, which causes the transmission mount on 2WD models to be soaked in oil. Meanwhile, on 4WD models, the leaks are apparent on the transfer case.

Engine knock is a sound often produced by the engine when pressure is applied on the gas pedal. Some other possible causes of this noise include an excessively hot engine, improper combustion process, and mechanical problems. However, the recommended fix of General Motors to get rid of this sound is to use an oil filter with a check valve. If it doesn't work, revised PROMs that were developed by GM would have to be installed. The main bearings need to be replaced as well.

The Chevrolet Blazer S10's anti-lock brakes engage all of a sudden, causing the vehicle to swerve uncontrollably and the wheels to lock. Most likely, this problem could lead to accidents since the stopping distance is also affected. The warning light for the anti-lock braking system was also reported to unnecessarily come on due to a loose pinion.

There were also incidents of white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe and too much radiator fluid being used up. In this case, a pressure test must be done to verify the problem. A blown gasket may be causing such problems as well.

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