Citroen B11 Sport sedan

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Description: Citroen's play-it-safe alternative to a VW Golf is OK in most areas but simply too dull for buyers to get their teeth into

Citroen was brave with the last C4, and buyers didn’t really appreciate it. So it’s played it safe this time around. If you want exciting, buy the DS4.

The C4 gives a nice, damped ride and body roll is excellent through fast corners. The steering is sharp, but its too light and doesn’t have enough feel.

Comfort is well up on the C4’s agenda with excellent damping and a great all-round view of your surroundings. The diesels make it an excellent long-distance car; quiet at speed and good economy.

All the engines get the job done, although the less powerful petrols feel slightly underpowered when pushed hard. The most economical diesel, the 120bhp 1.6, supposedly manages 78.5mpg…

Rear seat passengers will bemoan that roofline. Just beware that you might not fit a decent-sized pram in the back because the tail tapers quite strongly. The fact it’s not a box makes it look nice, but isn’t as practical.

Cheap insurance on most models is a boon, but residuals aren’t the finest. We’d stick with the most economical engines. When it comes to the C4, cheaper is better.

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Citroen B11 Sport sedan

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