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Description: Please let me know if anyone else is having this problem or what to do to fix the stupid thing...or rather, make the dealer fix it.

Please let me know if anyone else is having this problem or what to do to fix the stupid thing. or rather, make the dealer fix it.

My first thought-throwout bearing. it's a manual(duh) but sometimes. and not all the time esp when i take it to the dealer. if i let the clutch out and let it sit in nutural it sounds like a dang john deer green tracter. it's SOOOO loud. people will actually look at the car and give me a dirty look like i'm a horrible driver. but when ever i bring it in they say that it wont do it. i had it at one dealership that put on almost 200 miles and told me that they couldn't make it duplicate. when i went up there on the weekend, when mind you, the service manager SAID he would be there, to go for a ride with me. he had gone home sick. WITHOUT a phone call or anything. that dealer ship is about 40mins away. not happy. so we got up there and they had some kid go with us that it didn't even matter because he's just a monkey with his thumb up his. well you know what i mean. anyways. the kid said that he had heard the same thing that i was hearing and agreed that there was a problem. i found out after that he told the service manager another story. so the sound. is like this. when it does it mind you. it sounds like there's a marble inside a spray can and you shake it or when we were kids we put a deck card on the spoke of a bike and it would make that sound. anyways if you put your had on the LOWER bottom part of the tranny. right under the car you can actually feel it doing this. cute right? but you can also feel it in the engine and it tends to shake more then it should.

the dealership first told me that it was nutral gear rollover and it's normal there is nothing that they can do about it. then they told me that it was drive train making sounds. again normal. they had a chrysler guy come in to look at it but we couldn't meet him? we asked prolly 10 times why we couldn't talk to the chrysler rep about the car and to no ones surprise they wouldn't give us an answer. now the car started this rattle shaking sound (did i mention when it does this it shakes the whole damn car?!) it only had 1500 miles on it. it's up to 9400 now. still. wont stop and now it's interesting. i can let the clutch out not give it any gas and it will drive in first gear, 2nd gear, 3rd gear, 4th gear. on it's own.

1st gear i can let off the clutch not give it any gas and it will move on it's own. normal? yes. but not up a hill and doing 10-12mph on it's own. i've never had a manual do that!

2nd gear. i can shift into second from first(not using any gas AT ALL to get my mph and rpms up) and it will still cruise along at about 10-12mph on it's own. just kinda chills and bakes around. safety issue maybe.

oh did i forget to mention. yes i did. rpm's are constantly sitting at 750 rpm. maybe MAYBE once in awhile hitting 1,000rpm. when it drives. by itself. all alone.

3rd gear. it will buck a little if i attempt this without having more momentem going. but still i can let it go and it'll drive by itself. 4th gears the same

i brought it to ANOTHER dodge dealership and they told me that this is normal for ALL manual transmissions. to drive on their own because the engine idle has to be up. to MY understanding it's normal in first and reverse. but i have never ever heard of a manual doing it all the way to 4th gear. the clutch isn't sticking. all the other manuals that i have driven, if you are in first gear and let it go without giving it any gas. letting the clutch out so the car gets the idle up like you are supposed to. but forgetting about the big pedal. you know the one that FEEDS the car. anyways all the other manuals if at some point you didn't give them gas they would die. odd i say, yes.

then. i had to have the back driver side passenger window trim ordered and put in do to heat shrinking. in winter. in february. in minnesota. it heat shrunk. hm. pluss the back window (on the gate) the trim had to be redone there. and the monkey that ATTEMPTED to complete this simple..simple task that i honestly think a monkey could have done better. SUPER GLUED the window trim. (not a new window trim. the same one that was on)glued the left side corner that came off about 4 inches of trim. glued it back on. SIDEWAYS. literally. the trim twisted so that the opening where it is supposed to be. yeah. totally open to water. plus he scratched it. they put a chip in the gate. which within oh i don't know 3 weeks had rust. IN SUMMER. -sigh-. i have to have "strut caps" put on the back because when ever i hit a bump it squeaks like a mouse. the gate is sooooo lose i swear to *god* it's going to fall off. they attempted to tighten this to. with no luck..

now when i use the back windsheild sprayer. the front one looks like it's trying to pee. and squirts the windshield. my automatic locks. gave up. not sure why..not sure how..just. gave up

everytime i bring it in the stupid monkies that work there. some how. forget to put the paper matts down and everything. my car looks like a grease bomb went off and i have to ASK them to frickin' clean it. okay. wait

let me explain how ANAL i am about this car. every 2500 miles. OIL CHANGE. and it only gets the mopar filter and yesssss, i know it can only have the 5w-20.

winter i'm slacking on the cleaning. badly. because it's tooo damn cold to sit out there. but durring summer. yeah we have our "bonding time". she gets cleaned for 3 hours. each week top to bottom. EVERYTHING is removed. the back cargo area is scrubbed spotless. if for any reason my monster dogs somehow get mud into the car. every single cubic inch of that car is cleaned. if i can find one dog hair or cat hair or person hair. the duct tape comes out and i tape the whole inside of the car. it has never and will never be smoked in. i don't allow food into it. unless it is placed onto the floor matt (i keep a small rubber one in the back for fast food) because my finace wanted McD's and set it inbetween his lap in the bag. and low and behold i had a huge grease stain on my seat. which i finally got out.

there is a specific blanket that goes across the whole back inside of the car for the dogs to lay on. and if we get rain or hail? well hail. i will go sleep in the car in the car wash that's just up the street to keep it from getting dents.

it may not be that nice of a car to everyone else. but she's my baby and if i'm good to her. maybe one day. she'll return that favor. once the bugs get worked out.

now my question lol. has anyone had any of the problems that i'm facing. with the engine/tranny/dealership. and if anyone is a mechanic..i'm not calling you a monkey. just the monkies that wor

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