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Description: 2001 Dodge Viper 0 Stores Found. Lowest Price - $0.0

Throughout the history of the Dodge Viper, Hennessey has done what he could to upgrade and enhance existing Vipers. Before his latest creation, the highest performing Viper was the 650 horsepower Venom Viper. All of Hennessey's Venom's come with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty.

The stock V-10 is upgraded with changed valve covers, flow increases, and lower compression ratios. The most important additions are the TWO T37 Garrett AiResearch turbochargers. The twin turbochargers blowing into the V-10 engine help bring the herculean amount of horses which this car packs. Exhaust upgrades are also beneficial.

Hennessey strongly believes that when power is added to a vehicle, the vehicle should also be adjusted in handling and braking in order to carry the extra power. 13 inch slotted brake rotors help make this powerhouse come to a stop. Eibach springs are applied to the corners of the automobile. The VenomAero front airdam, front splitter, and VenomAero rear bumper help keep this car attached to the pavement, since this vehicle exceeds speeds of numerous aircrafts. The first Venom 800's were painted in a very cool looking PPG Prowler orange paint. This unique paint job costs approximately $7500.

Motor Trend has recently released that this car can go from 0-60 MPH in 2.4 seconds which makes this the fastest street car ever. Not bad, Mr. Hennessey! The short throw 6 speed manual transmission fits well for the abnormally huge powerplant underneath the hood of the Venom 800. The braking distance from 60-0 MPH improves from the stock Viper GTS's 126 feet to a minimal 110 feet. Handling is improved drastically as well on this machine.

I have a friend who has had a Dodge Viper for several years now, and I have ridden in it several times. Because of this experience, I have a strong interest in the Hennessey Venom 800. Although I have neither driven or rode in this vehicle, I have adequetely researched this vehicle. I apologize for the lack of personal experience in driving this automobile, but I figured since there was a limited amount of information on this vehicle that I would try to write a decent Epinion on it based on my research.

Obviously, this is one heck of an automobile. While stock Viper GTS's range from $75,000 to $90,000, the Hennessey Venom 800's cost of $167,000 is not all that out of this world. Considering the insane performance of this car which out does cars which cost way over this price range, this sort of power at this price is fairly reasonable. Now, obviously, your average Joe is not going to go out and get a Hennessey Venom 800, but compared to such cars as the Saleen S7 which goes for over $300,000, the Venom 800 is a steal! Keep a look out for this sweet vehicle!

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