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Photographer Jason Thorgalsen has the ability to photograph some of the hottest cars on the planet, but his recent trip to one guy’s garage in California lead him into a world where high end sports cars reign supreme and alternative options for performance don’t fall short of massive creativity.

If you want to know it means to be a true car enthusiast, you need to hear this story about Doug Demuro. Doug used to work for Porsche PR, but now he is a writer like all of us here at TopSpeed . Well, just like us except he also owns a Ferrari . This is where the story gets interesting.

You see, Doug hates people that own these amazing cars that only hoard them. You know the guys – if you look at their car wrong, they make sure you understand that it is their car and you are to come nowhere near it.

The problem with that is it’s cars like this that bring people into our automotive world. Kids don’t excited about seeing a Camry . but when they see a Ferrari, they suddenly know why cars are cool . Doug decided that the best way to share his automotive fortune would be to, well, share it. He found 20 different friends and let each one drive his shiny red Ferrari 360 Modena .

Best of all, he had the foresight to film the whole adventure. The car comes away 100 percent unhurt, so if you wanted to see scraped paint, look elsewhere. What actually happened is 20 people experienced a life-changing drive in a Ferrari, and it is beautiful.

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