Ford Mustang Sedan

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Description: We were delighted by our experience with the Clark-Cumberford wagon. Read the review at Car and Driver.

How often have you dreamed of having a car built to your own specification? Read how three keen enthusiasts did just that.

Barney Clark is a talented, well-paid writer who would prefer to be an automotive designer, or an architect, or an ill-tempered mystic, or almost anything other than what he's doing at any particular moment. His life is a curious blend of Enlightened Victorian, Big-Time Ad Agency Vice President, and Deadly Enemy of Practically Everybody. His love is jealously hoarded for a handful of old friends, his family, every car he ever owned, and fighting the system. Barney Clark is a one-man Berkeley Student Revolution trying to set a world record for the quarter-mile in a flathead Morris Minor.

He has always been a car nut of some stature, and be has always managed to hang out with a pretty good automotive crowd. He can say that he knew Denise McCluggage before she'd even seen her first automotive competition; that he knew Phil Hill when Phil Hill was yet to buy his first Ferrari; and that he has dirtied his hands on the insides of some of the best cars that ever ran on courses with names like Golden Gate Park, Pebble Beach, and Torrey Pines.

It was only natural then that an enthusiast of this magnitude should have decided to build himself a dream car. We've all decided that at one time or another, right? If Enzo Ferrari, Carroll Shelby, Ettore Bugatti, W. O. Bentley and Henry Ford can do it, we can do it! We are undeterred by the fact that people like Jack Griffith, Preston Tucker, Henry Kaiser, Briggs Cunningham, Mad Man Muntz and Sterling Edwards have tried and failed. Barney Clark had the vision, the enthusiasm, the money, and the friends to help him—he would, by God, build an automobile!

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