Ford Taunus 16 GL

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Description: Ford Taunus 2.0 V6 GL, body type: Sedan, doors: 2, power: 90 hp, transmissiom: Manual, fuel: Petrol, years of production: 1979 ‐ 1982

Ford launched manufacture from 1979 of automobiles type Taunus. modification of 2.0 V6 GL and terminated it in 1982. This two-door sedan has a length of 4.3 meters, weight 1.1 tons and is assigned to fit 5 passengers total.

«Taunus 2.0 V6 GL» have a rear-wheel drive auto with a 4-speed manual gear shift. This vehicle can be accelerated for 12.7 s to 100 km/h, with a ceiling speed of 163 km/h, thanks to a 6-cylinders petrol engine with a «carburetor fuel system», which generate a maximum output of 90 hp at 5100 rpm.

Gas tank volume of this vehicle is 54 l of petrol, therefore when intermediate fuel rate is 10.3 l per 100 km, that allows to go about 525 kilometers unrefuelled.

The front wheels of this auto have disks brakes and attached to the chassis by dint of suspension type «MacPherson, independent, coil springs» and equipped with anti-roll bar. Back wheels have drums brakes and fixed to the underframe using suspension type «Rigid, coil springs». Tires have the next dimensions - 165SR13.

Ford Taunus is not examined for crash test Euro NCAP. This auto does not have passive and active systems of safety.

Photogallery Ford Taunus 16 GL:

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Ford Taunus 16 GL

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