GMC C-30

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Description: Get your GMC C30 supercharger kit today and enjoy the power it unleashed from your engine. We sell complete GMC C30 super charger kits at the cheapest price anywhere!

The necessary parts are included to properly install the Supercharger kit on any intake setup, regardless of mounting configuration. We back our product with a *Lifetime Warranty*. Installation is a breeze with our easy-to-read instructions and full color pictures, as they guide you throughout the process step by step.

Our Electronic Superchargers are like no other unit on the market. Through product testing, technology and improvements we have developed a lightweight supercharger that safely produces 3 PSI of boost, which in turn means cost effective performance upgrades that you can really notice and legitimate horsepower gains that are evident every time you hit the track or strap down on the Dyno.

Not only will your overall horsepower numbers increase, but your acceleration will be noticeably more responsive too. Forcing air into your motor, without the lag you’d experience with a turbocharger, means quicker 60ft times on the track or instant passing power on the freeway; whichever you prefer.

The all new 2010 RAM Electric supercharger™ is truly a state of the art unit that really works. New built-in safety features such as the in-line fuse, incorporated electronic relay and heavy-duty race switch add even more reliability to the unit. Our units are by far, the most cost effect, safest and most technologically advanced superchargers on the market. Research and Development allows us to bring you the most complete Supercharger kit on the market today.

2010 RAM Electric supercharger™ kit’s secret weapon lies in the technology of the setup. By powering our superchargers with the electrical current that is safely supplied by your vehicle’s charging system, you avoid both the “lag” and the extra weight of cooling components and hardware necessary to make the turbo kit efficient. When matched against a belt driven supercharger, our electric supercharger kits are far more cost-effective. The ease of installation, the proven horsepower gains and the worry free tuning is priceless.

Both custom turbo kits and belt driven supercharger kits require you to customize, fabricate and disassemble major components of your engine. In addition to this lengthy and frustrating procedure, you will continually have to tune and adjust your air/fuel ratios with some sort of external controller. Our Electric supercharger operate within your factory air/fuel specifications. allowing you to fully enjoy the benefits of forced induction without the hassle of continually tuning your setup.

With our newest design of the supercharger, you’ll enjoy the most powerful engine to date. Here’s what the latest technology of the entire setup delivers:

  • 900 Watt Motor
  • Safely generates over 3 PSI of boost
  • Computer Guided, Laser Cut 10 Blade Turbine
  • Spooling @ 40,000 RPMs
  • Peak Boost in less than 1/10 of a second
  • 2” – 3.5” Rubber Couplers
  • Our least restrictive Hi-Flo Air Filter to Date

Easy to install on your vehicles air intake line with instructions. Some modification may be required on certain vehicles.

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